2017 HEC ASIA Day 1

EVENTSSeptember 23rd

Welcome to Heroes Evolved Championship Asia: Day 1


Today, 8 teams faced off in a series of brutal of Best-of-3 matches. The 4 winners, Virtus, Luminous, Mercenary, and Dieux are proceeding to the Semifinals tomorrow, on September 23rd.

Match 1: PowerPops vs Virtus

The first round began with the first blood made by PowerPops, but Virtus made comeback immediately to make the score 1-1. On the minute 3:58, a fiercely 5v5 team fight happened when PowerPops was killing the Dragon, Virtus was aced by PowerPops. In the several minutes, PowerPops kept to push and killed enemies to build up their advantage. On the minute 6, PowerPops led off an attack under Virtus’s middle tower, but they underestimated the damage from the tower and made some mistakes to let the Virtus got some comeback. Then Virtus kept pushing. In the final fight, depend on good teamwork and superior skills, Virtus won the first round in 10 minutes.

In the second round, PowerPops got the first blood on the minute 2. Then in several minutes, both teams chose to play safe to wait for the chance to attack. Virtus slowly build up their economics advantage by keeping pushing PowerPops’s towers. Starting from the minute 5, Virtus became aggressive and got the kills in several team fights to make the score 10 – 4. On the minute 12, the most intense fight happened when Virtus was attacking Zakar, Aiden successfully grabbed the Zakar, but PowerPops paid the price to lost 3 people. Finally, with the huge advantage, PowerPops unleashed their 5-man push and got the final win. More remarkable, this was the first show of new hero Estrath, which had a good performance with 9 kills, 0 death, and 5 assists.

Full videos of PowerPops vs Virtus
Round 1:
Round 2:

Match 2: Luminous vs Keraton

In the beginning of the first round, both sides were very aggressive and had an intense fight under the tower of Luminous with the score 2 – 3. Luminous tried to gank Keraton in their jungle and successfully got the advantage. But Keraton didn’t give up and tried their best to defend to nearly get back the score 11 – 7. On the minute 10:30, Keraton tried to kill Zakar to get more advantage. But unfortunately, Zakar was robbed by Crystal and Luminous got the chance to kill 3 enemies. Luminous didn’t stop to push Keraton’s towers and on the minute 15, Luminous got the first win by pushing the highland tower and killing 4 enemies.

In the second round, Luminous got a huge advantage in the beginning and aced the Keraton in 5 minutes. Keraton didn't give up and got some comeback with the score 8 – 10. But depending on the huge economic advantage, Luminous aced Keraton again and killed Zakar on minute 8. Finally, Luminous unleashed the final 5-man push and won the match.

Full videos of Luminous vs Keraton
Round 1:
Round 2:

Match 3: Mercenary VS SL99

In the first round of the match, Mercenary was very aggressively and aced SL99
three times. SL99 lost the game in 8 minutes.

The second round started with a great early performance from SL99 who managed to get the First Blood and expanded their advantage with the score 6 – 2. On the minute 5, Mercenary got some comeback to make the score 8 – 5. On the minute 7, MlL99 got the chance to ace Mercenary in the jungle of Mercenary. In the next 1 minute, ML99 killed 4 enemies again to win the huge advantage. But Mercenary made comeback with 4 kills immediately. Even though SL99 kept holding the lead with the score 20 – 12, Mercenary took the risk of 5-man gank in the jungle of SL99 and surprisedly succeed. On the minute 16, SL99 tried to unleash their final 5-man push, but Mercenary defend successfully and aced SL99 to get the chance of winning.

Full videos of Mercenary VS SL99
Round 1:
Round 2:

Match 4: Dieux VS Medellin

The first round started with a great early performance from Dieux who got 4 kills in 3 minutes and kept the lead in next 10 minutes with the score 10 – 2. But Medellin tried their best to defend and slowly catch up the score in several gank and team fights. Finally, because Medellin lost too many towers and huge economy discrepancy, Dieux won the first game of the match.

The next round was one of the most intense matches of the day. In the first 10 minutes, both sides were aggressive and kept ganking and fighting in the jungle and lanes. The score still kept the same in the half of the match. The first intense team fight happened in the minute 12, Dieux unleashed 5-man push under Medellin's middle tower but Medellin successfully defended and returned to kill 4 people of Dieux. In the next 1 minute, Medellin waged a team fight and got 4 kills again. On the minute 14, Medellin found Dieux was killing Zakar, so they unleashed the team fight immediately. Medellin aced Dieux with only Apollo alive. Then in the following team fights, Medellin kept expanding their advantage to push and kill. In the last team fight, Medellin decided to wage the 5-man push in the middle line, but they estimated the damage from the tower and the 1 minute of revival time. Finally, Medellin lost the chance to win the match.

Full videos of Dieux VS Medellin
Round 1:
Round 2:

See you all tomorrow for more incredible gameplay from some of the best the Asia tournament has to offer!