2017 HEC ASIA Day 2

EVENTSSeptember 25th

Welcome to Heroes Evolved Championship Asia: Day 2


Today, the 4 teams that made it out of yesterday's matches clashed - Luminous and Mercenary got the final tickets to compete for 2017 HEC ASIA championship.

Match 1: Luminous VS Virtus

The first round began with the first blood made by Luminous. In the first 5 minutes, Luminous managed to get some kills and aced Virtus to build up their advantages. Then Luminous became aggressive and kept ganking and pressure to Virtus, Virtus lost to Luminous in 13 minutes with the score 26 – 10.

In the second round, the both of team played safe in the beginning. On minute 5, Virtus successfully killed Zakar and unleashed a fight in bottom lane with the score 1 – 1. Then both sides kept balance and continued to gank each other. On the minute 19, both sides were waiting for the revival of Zakar, Virtus occupied the place, placed several wards and unleashed a successful team fight to kill 4 enemies. Then Virtus pushed Luminous’s two highland towers and killed Zakar to expand their advantage. Virtus kept to try to find opportunities to destroy the base of Luminous to win this round, but Luminous made good defend. Because Luminous had lost 3 highland towers to be distracted by troops, Virtus made a 5-man push to win this game.

Because it was the crucial round for two teams, they were very careful and kept a close score in first 5 minutes. On the minute 5, Virtus unleashed a 5-man push in the bottom lane, but they underestimate the damage of towers, which gave chance to Virtus to get 3 kills. On the minute 7, two sides were wandering around Zakar to find opportunity. Virtus unleashed the fight but unfortunately lost 3 people in this fight and gave the chance to Luminous to kill Zakar. On the minute 9, Virtus was aced by Luminous to lost the ticket of HEC ASIA CHAMPIONSHIP.

Full videos of Luminous VS Virtus

Round 1:

Round 2:


Match 2: Mercenary VS Dieux

In the first round, two sides were quite careful, so, until the minute 37, the score kept 7 – 7. But Mercenary built up their advantage by pushing all towers of Dieux and killing 3 Zarka. Dieux didn't stop to defend and used a special strategy to place many wards on their highland to avoid the attack from troops and enemies. But depending on the huge advantage, Mercenary waged a 5 – man push on highland to destroy the base of Dieux. 

After a long match, in the second round, two sides became aggressive and first blood made by Dieux on the minute 2:30, but Mercenary got the comeback immediately. Dieux slowly built up their advantage by pushing towers with the score 4 – 1. Mercenary didn’t have plans to give up so they made good defend under their tower. On the minute 8, Mercenary killed Zakar and immediately killed one enemy to lead score. On the minute 10, Dieux led a fight but lost 4 people and gave the chance to Mercenary to destroy all towers in the middle lane. On the minute 13:30, Mercenary unleashed an final 5-man push in the middle lane to win the final game.

Full videos of Mercenary VS Dieux

Round 1:

Round 2:

With the end of the match between Mercenary and Dieux, the 2017 HEC AISA ARENA day 2 was over. Tomorrow we will have a Best-of-3 match between Virtus and Dieux to fight for the third place and fourth place.

Don't forget to watch the 2017 HEC ASIA ARENA Grand Final on Twitch on the same channel to support your favorite team.

See you there!