2017 HEC EU Day 1

EVENTSSeptember 9th

Welcome to Heroes Evolved Championship EU: Day 1



Today, 8 teams faced off in a series of brutal of Best-of-3 matches. The 4 winners, [ATA], M5, 十里桃林丶, and |LVG| are proceeding to the Semifinals tomorrow, on September 9th.



Match 1: [ATA] VS 20xx

In the first round, two sides were very cautious in first 2 minutes. On the 2:30 minutes, two sided met in the top lane and had an intense 5v5 team fight. Finally, [ATA] got the first blood with 3 – 0 score. But 20xx made comeback with 3 – 4 score on the minute 4. Then two sides became careful and started to farm. After 3 minutes, Wolfram from [ATA] tried to gank Apollo with his 3 teammates but 20xx teammates supported immediately and finally [ATA] lost 4 members. Then 20xx kept pushing and destroyed almost all outer towers of [ATA] with 4 – 10 score. But [ATA] didn’t give up and tried their best to defend. On the minute of 19:45, 20xx were too hasty when trying to fight with [ATA] in 5v5 team fight and let Cleopatra from [ATA] get the chance of triple kills and 20xx only left Apollo alive. In the final team fight, [ATA] took the risk of 5-man push on the mid lane but surprisedly their 5-man push succeeded and destroyed the base of 20xx. 

In the second round, They chose to play safe to wait for the chance to attack, on the minute 4, 20xx caught the chance! 20xx got the first blood and other 2 kills, then 20xx became very aggressive and made to win from [ATA] by 12 – 0 score.

In the last round, 20xx seized the first blood opportunity to kill Ares when noticing none of Ares around. In the following 7 minutes, two sides were very carefully and the most important team fights began on the minute 9 and 20xx were aced. With the huge advantage, [ATA] destroyed the middle highland towel immediately and won the last team fight successfully and advanced to semifinal of 2017 HEC EU ARENA. 

Full videos of [ATA] VS 20xx
Round 1:
Round 2:
Round 3:

Match 2: M5 VS CrusaderS

The first round began with the first blood made by CrusaderS. Both of team were careful and tried to gank each other in the jungle and river. The score of two sides were close: 3-4, but M5 built up their economic advantage by keeping pushing CrusaderS’ towels. On the minute 9, CrusaderS lead off an attack under M5’s middle towel, but they underestimated the damage from towel and made some mistake that were aced by M5. With the huge advantage, M5 won the first round.

At the second round, M5 had known the game play of CrusaderS and had some good fights early with 2 – 5 score in the first several minutes. On 7:50, M5 seized that moment to do a 5-Man push in the middle lane and successfully killed all enemies. In the following team fights, M5 showed great team work and made to win from CrusaderS.

Full videos of M5 VS CrusaderS
Round 1:
Round 2:

Match 3: 十里桃林丶 VS Takàfuri

In the first round, two teams played safe and the first blood happened by十里桃林丶 on the minute 5. But Takàfuri made comeback immediately. After several small fights, the score kept the same. 十里桃林丶tried to build up their advantage to keep destroying the towels. On the minute 12, 十里桃林丶caught the chance to ace Takàfuri and got the win in 2 minutes.

In the second round, 十里桃林丶were very aggressively and aced the Takàfuri in first 5 minutes. Takàfuri lost the match in 8 minutes.

Full videos of 十里桃林丶 VS Takàfuri
Round 1:
Round 2:

Match 4: |LVG| VS RUSSI@
Not so many great fights in the first several minutes took place since two teams played carefully in the first found. Until on the minutes 11, |LVG| aced RUSSI@ in 5v5 team fights. RUSSI@  tried to make comeback in the later team fights but the first round finished immediately after |LVG| aced RUSSI@ again.

The second round started with a great performance from |LVG|, who got 4 kills in first one minutes and kept to push and pressure to RUSSI@ in several minutes. With the huge advantage, |LVG| aced RUSSI@ twice and successfully advanced to the Top 4 of 2017 HEC EU ARENA.

Full videos of |LVG| VS RUSSI@

Round 2:

See you all tomorrow for more incredible gameplay from some of the best the EU tournament has to offer!