2017 HEC EU Day 2

EVENTSSeptember 10th

Welcome to Heroes Evolved Championship EU: Day 2


Today, the 4 teams that made it out of yesterday’s matches clashed - [ATA] and 十里桃林丶got the final tickets to compete for 2017 HEC EU championship.

Match 1: [ATA] VS M5

In the first round, M5 successfully grabbed Dragon and got 2 killed in first 5 minutes. On the minute 5:45, [ATA] got the chance to gank and killed 2 people when M5 was killing Zakar. In the following team fights, M5 did some tricks by always using Sun Wukong’s NIMBUS to gank [ATA] several times, which brought M5 to get the first winner.

The second round began with the first blood made by M5. In the first 5 minutes, M5 managed to get some kills to build up their advantages. But M5 made some serious mistake on minute 6:30 to gank when [ATA] was attacking Zakar. Because of the 3 VS 5 fight, M5 lost 2 people and [ATA] succeeded to kill the Zakar. In the later team fights, [ATA] showed their superior skills and good teamwork to ace M5 and got the win.

The final round started with the first blood made by M5, but [ATA] made comeback with 1 – 1 score on the minute 3. In the following minutes, M5 kept their trick to team gank [ATA] to build up their advantage. Finally, M5 got the final winner by killing the Zakar and final 5-man-push tactic.

Full videos of [ATA] VS M5
Round 1:
Round 2:
Round 3:

Match 2: 十里桃林丶VS |LVG|
In the first round, 十里桃林丶was very aggressive and kept ganking and pressure to |LVG|, |LVG| lost to 十里桃林丶 in 9 minutes by 13 – 4 score.

In the second round, the both of team played safe in the beginning. The first blood was taken by |LVG| and they also got another kill on the minute 3. But not so long later, 十里桃林丶 got comeback by a 5-man gank in the jungle with the 3-3 score. Then 十里桃林丶 managed to build up their economic advantage by keeping pushing towels and killed Zakar on the minute 9. Then 十里桃林丶 kept to push and killed 3 people with the advantage of the buff from Zakar. But on the minute 11 team fight, 十里桃林丶 made a huge mistake to fight under the highland towel and was aced by |LVG|. Then |LVG| kept 5-man push, but 十里桃林丶 made a good defence and got the chance to kill Zakar on the minute 15. With the 10k economic advantage and buff from Zakar, 十里桃林丶 did a final 5 man push and aced the |LVG| to get the final ticket to the 2017 HEC EU ARENA final grand.

Full videos of 十里桃林丶VS |LVG|
Round 1:
Round 2:

With the end of the match between十里桃林丶and |LVG|, the 2017 HEC EU ARENA day 2 was over. Tomorrow we will have two exciting matches, Best-of-5 match is from [ATA] and 十里桃林丶to contest for the EU ARENA championship and Best-of-3 match is from M5 and |LVG| to fight for the third place and fourth place.

Don't forget to watch the 2017 HEC EU ARENA Grand Final on Twitch on the same channel to support your favorite team.

See you there!