2017 HEC EU Day 3

EVENTSSeptember 11th

Welcome to Heroes Evolved Championship EU: Day 3 - The Final Day!


We’ve all been waiting for this moment. The moment where we all discover who the Champions will be for the 2017 HEC EU tournament. But first, we need to look back the amazing whole matches.

Match 1: M5 vs |LVG|

In the first round, M5 played very aggressively and got two kills in first one minute. Then they didn’t stop to push |LVG| and got some kills to build up their advantages. So M5 quickly won the first round in 9 minutes. 

At the second round, |LVG| learned about the tactics of M5 and got the first blood on the minute 3. In the following minutes, two sides played carefully and kept balance. On the minute 8, M5 got the chance to kill Zakar. Depend on the buff of Zakar, M5 managed to gank |LVG| and got 3 kills. M5 kept pushing and killing in the following team fights. With the end of the ace of |LVG|, M5 got the final winning of the match and successfully got the third place of 2017 HEC EU ARENA.

Full videos of M5 vs |LVG|

Round 1:

Round 2:

Match 2: [ATA] vs SHILIN(十里桃林丶)

In the first round, two sides kept balancing with the same scores in the early of the game. On the minute 5, ATA killed two people. But SHILIN(十里桃林丶) quickly took his revenge back by acing ATA with the 7 – 9 score. ATA still didn’t give up and made some good defense to equalize the score. But finally, ATA failed to defend the 5-man push from SHILIN(十里桃林丶) and were aced. SHILIN(十里桃林丶)  got the first win of the match.

In both second and third round, SHILIN(十里桃林丶)  kept their aggressive attack and great teamwork to make to win from [ATA] in 10minutes.

Full videos of SHILIN(十里桃林丶) VS [ATA]

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:


As you can see, M5 came in 3rd place, with an honorable 4th place mention for team |LVG|. Our second place is [ATA] and the final victory is none other than Team SHILIN(十里桃林丶) ! Congratulations to all!