2017 HEC EU Registration

EVENTSAugust 23rd

Heroes, time to step up your game!

The Heroes Evolved Championship EU server registration starts today, August 23rd, and will end on August 30th during the Wednesday update. Hurry on over to the HOT EVENTS to sign your team up!




1. Registration is available for Clan Leaders only.

2. Registration is limited to Level 2+ Clans with more than 5 members.

3. Applications will be screened and invitations shall be sent to successful Clan Leaders via in-game mail. Please keep your registration number safe.

4. Registration details cannot be changed (except contact details).

5. Clans may only register once. Be careful not to double-register your Clan.

6. Please refer to the Events page for details on when registrations close.

7. R2Games will contact participating Clans before the tournament to confirm details.

After the registration period, we will select teams between August 31st and September 7th, and the Championship kicks off on September 8th, wrapping up on the 10th.

Best of luck to all teams!