EVENTSOctober 22nd

Welcome to Heroes Evolved Championship NA: Day 1


Today, 8 teams faced off in a series of brutal of Best-of-3 matches. The 4 winners, Galaxy, GoD, RedZone, and RNO are proceeding to the Semifinals tomorrow, on October 21st.

Match 1: RNO VS. SXSY 

In the beginning of the first round, two sides played carefully and the first team   -fight happened in the minute 2:50.  SXSY got the first blood, but depend on the high damage in the early stage, CaoCao from RNO got the triple kill in this team fight.  RNO didn’t stop to expand their advantage by killing and pushing towers. On the minute 7, RNO unleashed a team-push under the tower of middle and killed 3 enemies with the score of 10-1. SXSY tried their best to defend and retreated in time to avoid being aced by RNO on the minute 9. On the minute10, RNO killed Zakar. After RNO destroyed all towers of middle and bottom lane, they won the first round successfully.    

The second round began with the first blood made by SXSY again. but RNO quickly made comeback to make the score 1-1. On the minute 3, RNO tried to kill Dragon, SXSY found the chance to unleash a fight to kill one enemy. Then two sides retreated, but Mikio  from SXSY was chased by enemies. Mikio  avoided damage by using ultimate skill and got a great comeback to make the score 4-2. On the minute 4:50, RNO got 3 kills depend on timely team-support. In the following minute, two sides kept balance with the score 6-5. On the minute 8, SXSY unleashed the team fight to kill Ula, but at the same time, Su Wukong killed Zakar by himself. Depend on Zakar buff, Su Wukong killed one enemy under two towers in the middle. But it's worth it. On the minute 9:55, RNO got great success to kill 4 enemies and destroyed all outer towers of the middle lane. Even though the two   sides scores were closed, RNO tried to build up their economic advantage in the jungle. On the minute 13, RNO had 16k golds lead over SXSY. On the minute 14:23, Su Wukung killed Zakar again when other teammates were fighting with SXSY. Finally, SXSY unleashed a team fight, but depending on buff of   Zakar and illusion of Su Wukong, RNO defended successfully to ace SXSY and won the second round to enter into the semifinals!     

Full videos of RNO VS. SXSY

Round 1: 

Round 2: 

Match 2: RedZone VS. WRX

In the first round of the match, RedZone got first blood in 2 minutes  and was very aggressively  to keep pushing and killing. WRX tried to defend but unfortunately lost the first game in 8 minutes.   

In the second round, RedZone boldly chose the new hero – BRUCE LEE, which was the debut in the HEC. What’s more exciting, RedZone won the second round totally depend on the flexibility and high damage of BRUCE LEE. BRUCE LEE successfully killed enemies by ganking again and again and he could retreat from every fight easily by his STRAIGHT LEAD.     

Full videos of RedZone VS. WRX

Round 1:

Round 2:

Match 3: Galaxy VS. VatosLokos

In the two rounds of Galaxy vs. VatosLokos, Galaxy played very aggressively and managed to build up their advantage by pushing and getting some kills in the early game. Galaxy showed their superior skill and teammates power to win from VatosLokos in 10 minutes.

Full videos of Galaxy VS. VatosLokos

Round 1:

Round 2:

Match 4: GoD VS [Revenge]

GoD built up their advantage in the beginning and because of the good choice of heroes, GoD won the first round in 10 minutes.   

In the second round, GoD got the first blood on the minute 2 and Wolfram found a chance to kill Ares in the jungle. On the minute 3, Revenge got the first Dragon.  On the minute 5, Bruce Lee unleashed the fight and controlled 3 enemies to help teammates to kill 4 people. On the minute 6, GoD killed Zakar. Depend on the buff of Zakar, GoD used split-push of 3 lanes. On the minute 11, Bruce Lee jumped into the highland of Revenge and killed 2 people, at the same time, GoD destroyed two towers of highland and killed another 2 enemies. Finally,   GoD won the second rounds with the score 12-0.   

Full videos of GoD VS [Revenge]

Round 1:

Round 2:

See you all tomorrow for more incredible gameplay from some of the best the North America tournament has to offer!