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Welcome to Heroes Evolved Championship North America: Day 2


Today, the 4 teams that made it out of yesterday’s matches clashed - RNO and Galaxy got the final tickets to compete for 2017 HEC NA championship.

Match 1: RNO VS. RedZone

In the first round, RedZone was very aggressive to grab enemies’ buff and get first blood. On the minute 5:58, RedZone unleashed a team fight in the middle lane to kill Crystal, but Sun Wukong from RNO used NIMBUS to stop the retreat of RedZone successfully and killed LuBu and Lunaria. On the minute 7, RNO grabbed the Dragon when Redzone tried to kill it. RNO started to control the situation when Su  Wukung led a successful team fight again to kill 3 people and the Zakar. In the following minutes, RNO used split- push to destroyed 2 towers of RedZone. But RNO didn’t retreat quickly after destroying the towers, which gave RedZone chance to swing the tight to kill 3 people. On the minute 11, Lunaria released a perfect ultimate skill to kill Crystal again. On the minute 13, Estrath unleashed the fight firstly and killed Crystal, but Burninator controlled 3 people and Su Wukong killed 2 people. On the minute 15, Redzone unleashed the team fight to try to stop the retreat of RNO, but Wu Wukong killed Zakar successfully and support team in time to ace Redzone finally. RNO won the first round! 

In the second match, RNO was very aggressive at the first but failed to gank and lost the first blood. In the following minutes, two sides kept balance and unleashed some small team fights. On the minute 6, Redzone unleashed the fight in the top lane and bottom lane to kill 3 people. On the minute 8:55, Redzone successfully aced RNO and built up their advantage. On the minute 11, Redzone killed Zakar and with the buff of Zakar, Redzone finally got the winning of the second match.   

In the third match, the both of team played safe in the beginning. On the minute 3, Electros got the first blood and in the following minutes, Electros leaded several successful team-fights to build up the advantage of RNO. On the minute 10:30, RNO killed Zakar and with the buff of Zakar, RNO kept pushing all outer towers of Redzone. On the minute 17, RNO got the second Zakar, in the final push, Electros unleashed a perfect fight to lead RNO to the finals.

Full videos of RNO VS. RedZone

Round 1:

Round 2:


Match 2: Galaxy VS. GoD

In the first 2 minutes, Galaxy got 2 kills. On the minute 3:18, God grabbed the Dragon from Galaxy, but lost 4 people in the next team fight. BRUCE LEE depended  on his flexibility to retreat successfully. On the minute 3:58, BRUCE LEE made a great defense to kill one enemy. Then two sides kept balance. On the minute 10:20, Galaxy unleashed a perfect 5-man push to kill 3 people and destroy the second tower in the middle lane. On the minute 12:30, Galaxy killed Zakar and with the Zakar’s buff, Galaxy won the first round in the final push.

In the first 5 minutes of the second round,  GoD managed to get 9 kills and nearly aced Galaxy to build up their advantages. Then GoD became aggressive and kept ganking and pressure to Galaxy, Galaxy lost to GoD in 12 minutes by the 24-8  score.

In the final match, Grom perfectly dragged the enemy and Galaxy successfully got the first kill. In the following minutes, Galaxy built up their advantage to keep killing enemies. On the minute 8, Galaxy killed    Zakar and got the huge advantage on economy and score. On   the minute 11, Galaxy had pushed all 3 towers of highland. GoD didn’t stop to defend their base and got some comeback to kill 4 people. On the minute 14:53, Galaxy killed Zakar again and unleashed the final push to win the final match! 


Full videos of RNO VS. RedZone

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round3: ttps://

With the end of the match between Galaxy VS. GoD, the 2017 HEC NA ARENA day 2 was over. Tomorrow we will have a Best-of-5 match between RNO and Galaxy to fight for the Champion of HEC NA ARENA.

Don't forget to watch the 2017 HEC NA ARENA Grand Final on Twitch on the same channel to support your favorite team.

See you there!