EVENTSOctober 23rd

Welcome to Heroes Evolved Championship NA: Day 3 - The Final Day!


We’ve all been waiting for this moment. The moment where we all discover who the Champions will be for the 2017 HEC NA tournament. But first, we need to look back the amazing whole matches.

Match 1: RedZone VS. GoD

In the first round, RedZone got first blood in 1 minute, then RedZone started to build up their advantages by pushing and killing. GoD lost to RedZone in 11 minutes with the score 15-0.

The second round began with the first blood made by GoD on the minute 2:35. In the following team fight, two teams kept balance. On the minute 5:50, Estrath made a perfect kill. At the same time, RedZone killed another 3 enemies with timely team support. Then RedZone kept giving pressure to GoD by killing and pushing towers. On the minute 8:34, RedZone hid in the jungle to wait for the enemies. But with timely team support,  GoD got the comeback quickly with 3 kills. On the minute 9:30, RedZone unleashed a successful team-push to nearly ace God and destroyed the tower of highland. On the minute 10, RedZone killed Zakar and made the 5-man push to destroy the base of GoD. 

Full videos of RedZone VS. GoD 

Round 1:

Round 2:

Match 2: RNO VS Galaxy

In the first round, two sides played carefully in the beginning. Galaxy attacked RNO and successfully got 2 kills when RNO was killing Dragon. On the minute 5:28, Guan Yu successfully ganked Grom and destroyed the first tower of bottom lane. On the minute 7, RNO unleashed a team fight under their tower, but Galaxy made a good comeback to kill 2 enemies. Then Galaxy started to build up their advantage by pushing towers and getting kills. On the minute 11, Galaxy killed  Zakar and destroyed two towers of RNO’s high land with the buff of Zakar. On the minute 13:55, Galaxy unleashed the final push to get the first winning of finals. 

In the second round, Guan Yu got the first blood, but Mikio got the comeback immediately. In the several minutes, two sides kept balance and played carefully. On the minute 9, Galaxy unleashed a successfully 5-man push to kill 2 people and destroyed 2 towers in the middle lane. On the minute 10:50, Galaxy unleashed a team fight again to kill 3 people and destroyed the second tower of the bottom land. On the minute 13, Galaxy unleashed the final push to ace RNO to get the winning of the second round!  

In the third round, two sides played carefully and kept balance in the beginning. The most intense team fight happened on the minute 5, Apollo got Ultra kill and aced RNO on the top lane. Then Galaxy started to expand their advantage to keep ganking and pushing. On the minute 8, Galaxy killed Zakar and then pushed the tower of high land. On the minute 10:30, Galaxy pushed to the high land of RNO, but Mikio made a good defense. On the minute 13, Galaxy made the final push to ace RNO and won the Champion of HEC NA ARENA!

Full videos of RNO VS Galaxy

Round 1: 

Round 2:

Round 3:

As you can see, RedZone came in 3rd place, with an honorable 4th place mention for team GoD. Our second place is RNO and the final victory is none other than Team Galaxy! Congratulations to all!