EVENTSOctober 14th

Welcome to Heroes Evolved Championship SA: Day 1


Today, 8 teams faced off in a series of brutal of Best-of-3 matches. The 4 winners, Dreamworld, Try-GaminG, RealPlayer, and Fnatic are proceeding to the Semifinals tomorrow, on October 14th (SA server time).

Match 1: NOMERCY VS. Dreamworld

In the first round, NOMERCY did special tactics of 4-man push in the top tower and nearly destroyed the top tower and got first blood to kill  Lunaria. In the next fierce team fights, NOMERCY showed great teamwork and superior skills to lead the scores and killed Zakar. Finally, the first round finished with a 5-man push from NOMERCY in the middle lane.   

In the second round, Ares from NOMERCY got two kills in 1 minute. The first 5V5 team fight happened at the Dragon with 2-2 and Lunaria got the Dragon. On the minute 5:50, DREAMWORLD used team-push to get a comeback and kill the  Zakar. But NOMERCY immediately equalized the score with 5-5 again. On the minute 9, DREAMWORLD used split-push to ace NOMERCY and Raven got an excellent triple kill under the enemy ’s tower. Depend on the huge economic advantage, DREAMWORLD won the second round.

In the final round, two sides played very carefully in the  beginning. The first team fight happened when DREAMWORLD tried to kill Dragon. NOMERCY grabbed DRAGON but lost 2 people. On the minute 6, DREAMWORLD kept 5-man push in the middle lane to destroy all outer towers and killed Crystal. With huge advantage, DREAMWORLD unleashed a team push under enemy ’s tower and got 4 kills. Finally, DREAMWORLD destroyed all towers of the top and middle lanes and  won the final round without suspense.

Full videos of NOMERCY VS. Dreamworld

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Match 2: Try-GaminG VS. SDS Team

In the beginning of the first round, both sides were very aggressive and  all gathered in the top jungle to grabbed the buff. Try-GaminG got the first blood. In the next minutes, Try-GaminG built up their own advantages by killing and destroying the towers with the score 7-1. On the minute 11:50, Try-GaminG unleashed the final push and aced SDS Team to win the first round.

In the second round of the match, Try-GaminG was very aggressively and didn’t stop to push and kill enemies. SDS Team tried to defend but unfortunately failed this game in around 10 minutes.  

Full videos of Try-GaminG VS. SDS Team

Round 1:

Round 2:

Match 3: RealPlayer VS. Synergy

In the first round, two sides played carefully in the beginning. On the minute 2:30, RealPlayer grabbed Dragon from SYNERGY. On the minute 4:45, RealPlayer got the first blood and another kill. On the minute 5, Estrath found the opportunity to kill Burninator in the jungle. But RealPlayer immediately got a comeback to kill  Estrath. On the minute 6:30, SYNERGY killed Zarkar when REALPLAYER killed Dragon. In the next minutes, two sides kept balance and didn’t have team fight with the score 4-4. On the minute 12, REALPLAYER unleashed a team fight to kill 4 enemies, destroyed the middle lane tower and killed  Zakar. But Synergy didn’t give up and tried their best to defend to nearly get back the score 9 – 8 when REALPLAYER pushed under the highland tower . On the minute RealPlayer unleashed the final push in the middle lane and unfortunately, SYNERGY lost to defend.   

At the beginning of second round, SYNERGY also used 5-man push tactics on the top lane to get first blood and destroy the first tower in 1 minute. In the next minutes, SYNERGY kept team fight to build up their advantage. On the minute 7:40, SYNERGY killed the Dragon and killed 3 enemies after REALPLAYER killed Zakar. On the minute 15:00, SYNERGY killed  Zakar and unleashed the final push to ace REALPLAYER and win the second round.

In the beginning of the third round, SYNERGY and REALPLAYER were used the 5-man push tactics to destroy the enemy ’s towers nearly at the same time. Then they gathered in the middle lane and start the regular fight. On the minute 2, REALPLAYER got the first blood, but SYNERGY got the comeback  immediately. On the minute 3, REALPLAYER grabbed Dragon and successfully killed 2 enemies to make the score 3-3. In the several minutes, two teams kept balance until on the minute 7, REALPLAYER was aced in the jungle. On the minute 8:10, SYNERGY killed Zakar. REALPLAYER got the chance to kill 4 teammates of SYNERGY and destroyed a highland tower. On the minute 15, SYNERGY made a mistake to give the winner chance to REALPLAYER.

Full videos of RealPlayer VS. Synergy Team

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Match 4: Fnatic VS. SMG-eSport

In the first round, SMG-eSport got the first blood on the minute 2:30. On the minute 5:30, FNATIC unleashed a fight when SMG-eSport killed Dragon and equalized the score to 2-2. In the several minutes, FNATIC kept pushing and destroying the towers to slowly build up their advantage. On the minute 11:35, FNATIC killed Zakar. Depend on the buff of Zakar, FNATIC successfully won the first round.

In the second round, SMG-eSport got the first blood. Then two sides kept quite careful until on the minute 10, SMG-eSport unleashed a successful team fight to kill 4 enemies and destroyed the tower in the middle land. SMG-eSport established their advantage to kill Zakar and prepared to make final 5-man push under the highland tower. But FNATIC made a perfect defense to kill 3 people. Because of the long revival time, FNATIC got the chance to kill enemies and destroyed the base of  SMG-eSport. 

Full videos of Fnatic VS. SMG-eSport

Round 1:

Round 2:

See you all tomorrow for more incredible gameplay from some of the best the South America tournament has to offer!