EVENTSOctober 16th

Yesterday brought us some excellent action from some of the best teams we’ve seen at HEC SA 2017 so far. We couldn’t have asked for a finer matchup, and the games were tense until the last second.

You can watch the full gameplay recording with professional casting and commentary on Youtube!


Match 1: Dreamworld vs. Try-GaminG

First up was Dreamworld vs. Try-GaminG. This match lasted just two rounds, with the first being over in just around 10 minutes, Dreamworld having aced the opposing team to drive home the win quickly. The second round lasted much longer, but was a constant uphill battle for Try-GaminG, resulting in a solid win for Dreamworld.

Full videos of Dreamworld vs. Try-GaminG

Round 1:

Round 2:

Match 2: Dreamworld vs. RealPlayer

The second match of the day, the final match, was then fought by Dreamworld vs. RealPlayer. Audiences were biting their nails and teetering on the edge of their seats as these two powerhouse teams were about to clash. In the first round, Dreamworld secured first blood, and got 4 kills as well as killing the dragon by around minute 3! Dreamworld continued to build their advantage over RealPlayer, eventually winning the game after several small teamfights.

The second round was more in favor of team RealPlayer, as they secured an early dragon kill, and followed up with a solid teamfight, taking out 3 enemies and a tower in the process. Realplayer continued to put pressure on Dreamworld, securing a win at 13:32.

Both teams continued to battle it out for two more rounds, finally arriving at the 5th and final round. 20 seconds in, RealPlayer scored first blood. Following this, both teams played defensively, and carefully, and at 8:00, Ralplayer managed to kill Zakar. A great teamfight follows, leading RealPlayer into a push, which Dreamworld defended with excellence. RealPlayer secured another Zakar kill, and used the buff to overwhelm Dreamworld for the final win, declaring them champions of the 2017 HEC SA ARENA!

Full videos of Dreamworld vs. Try-GaminG

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:

Round 5:

Thank you all for being with us throughout this championship - We hope to see you all back next time, be it as a spectator, or even participating yourself!