All-new Adventure Mode - a Fresh Take on the MOBA Genre


A week has passed since we launched the Adventure Mode for Heroes Evolved. The all-new Adventure Mode is perfect for those of you who enjoy exploring the unknown and experiencing other features unique to the MOBA game genre. Read on if you're curious about the Adventure Mode.

The Adventure Mode of Heroes Evolved Mobile includes the following exciting features: Zodiac Trials, Relics of Chaos, Hero's Journey, Champion's Arena, and Altar of Heroes.



Zodiac Trials are team raids where players get together to challenge mighty Zodiac Guardians. Each of these Guardians has a set of unique special powers designed to stop you in your tracks. Players can choose up to 3 different heroes for the raid, control one of the chosen heroes at any given time, and switch them during the fight. Defeat these Guardians to win XP and Crystals.



The Relics of Chaos is a massive brawl between 2 teams of players for ownership over Chaos Altars strewn across an ancient battlefield. Unlike the traditional 5v5 battle arena format, Relics of Chaos offers an all-new battle mode where each player gets to bring 3 different heroes to the field and switch them according to the situation. Occupy the Chaos Altars to gain Chaos Power for the team. The first team to reach the required amount of Chaos Power wins.

The all-new Relics of Chaos introduces a revolutionary change to the lane and character development mechanism of MOBA games. Fighting starts immediately once you're on the ancient battlefield, with players focusing entirely on battling their opponents and claiming Chaos Altars for their team. This is the place to go if you want all-out unbridled combat right from the start!


Hero's Journey is where you embark on a quest to complete different adventure stages with your 3 favorite heroes. Challenge and defeat opponents along the way to gain Dragonium, Crystals, Gear, and other rewards. There's also bonus Star Chests to win as well!


The Champion's Arena is a 1v1 brawl where two players go against each other by deploying a team of 3 heroes of their choosing. The Arena tests the players' understanding of hero combinations and hero skills, and offers generous rewards to the victor.



The Altar of Heroes is where players use Crystals or Dragonium to summon new heroes. Players receive a number of free summoning attempts per day. Heroes with higher star-ratings have better stats, skills, and potential.


All-new Development Mode for Hero Customization

The Adventure Mode is more than just intense battles. Players must think about the means of creating powerful heroes to help achieve progress in their adventure. Resources and gear acquired from various Adventure Mode game features we just described can be used to improve heroes and upgrade gear to raise the heroes' battle ratings.


All-new Mount System and Adventure Mode Events

The all-new Mount system allows you to head to battle with your mighty ride! Mounts acquired by players can be used in the Adventure Mode, Ranked, and Matchmaking. Out-of-combat players will leap onto their mounts automatically when getting the acceleration buff.



We have also launched Adventure events that offer great rewards. Fulfill the specified stage requirements to get these rewards and boost your Activity score. Complete various quests and earn enough Activity to get the ultimate reward. There's plenty of Adventure events waiting to be unlocked, so what are you waiting for, Adventurer? Let's get started already!