Announcing 2017 HEC EU Arena Champion!

EVENTSSeptember 11th

2017HEC EU Champion- Path of Glory

With over 400 team registrations between august 23rd and 29th, the Heroes Evolved Championship EU ARENA was always set to be a phenomenal event. From the 8 teams chosen to compete based on their levels and rank scores, naturally, only one could be declared the victor. Here’s how it all went down in the end. 

Day 1: SHILIN (十里桃林丶) VS Takàfuri

In the first round, both teams played it safe, with first blood going to SHILIN on the 5th minute. But Takàfuri made an immediate comeback. After several small fights, the score stayed the same. SHILIN tried to build up their advantage by continuing to take down towers. On the 12th minute, SHILIN landed an ace on Takàfuri, allowing them to take the win in the following 2 minutes.

In the second round, SHILIN were playing very aggressively, and aced the Takàfuri in first 5 minutes. Takàfuri lost the match in just 8 minutes.

Full videos of SHILIN (十里桃林丶) VS Takàfuri

Click here to watch Round 1

Click here to watch Round 2

Day 2: SHILIN (十里桃林丶) VS |LVG|

In the first round, SHILIN was very aggressive and kept ganking to pressure |LVG|. |LVG| lost to SHILIN in just 9 minutes by 13 - 4 score.

In the second round, the both of team played safe in the beginning. The first blood was taken by |LVG| and they also got another kill on the 3rd minute. But not so long later, SHILIN made a  comeback by a 5-man gank in the jungle with the 3-3 score. Then 十里桃林丶 managed to 

build up their gold advantage by continuing to push towers, and managed to kill Zakar on the 9th minute. Then SHILIN kept pushing and killed 3 people with the advantage of the buff from Zakar. But on the 11th minute team fight, SHILIN made a huge mistake by fighting under the highland tower, and was aced by |LVG|. Then |LVG| kept 5-man push, but SHILIN made a good defence and got the chance to kill Zakar on the 15th minute. With a 10k Gold advantage and a buff from Zakar, SHILIN did a final 5 man push and aced |LVG| to get the final ticket to the  2017 HEC EU ARENA Grand Final.

Full videos of SHILIN (十里桃林丶) VS |LVG|

Click here to watch Round 1

Click here to watch Round 2

Final Day: SHILIN (十里桃林丶)  VS [ATA] 

In the first round, two sides kept balance with the same scores in the early stages of the game. On the 5th minute, ATA managed to score 2 kills. But SHILIN quickly took revenge by acing ATA, making the score 7 – 9. ATA still didn’t give up and defended well to equalize the score. But finally ATA failed to defend the 5-man push from SHILIN and were aced. SHILIN got the first win.

In both second and third round, SHILIN kept their aggressive attack and great teamwork to steal the win from [ATA] in 10 minutes.

Full videos of SHILIN (十里桃林丶) VS [ATA]

Click here to watch Round 1

Click here to watch Round 2

Click here to watch the Final Round

Congratulations to all the members of SHILIN (十里桃林丶) for a well deserved victory.

Wenbin 倾听雨竹丶Xue

Guopeng 流川枫 Liu  

Elias Mzu Koutroularos

Aron Cannonball Khan 

Gabriel Destroyer9 Korhonen 

Finally, we’d like to thank all teams, players, and audience in HEROES EVOLVED for their support and effort in making this championship a success. We will strive to bring you more wonderful and exciting competitions as the game continues to Evolve. 

If you’re hungry for more Heroes Evolved action, then be sure to check out the upcoming HEC ASIA! Registration is still open until the 12th, with matches taking place between the 22nd and 24th of September. 

See you in 2017 HEC ASIA ARENA!