April Major Content Update!

UPDATESApril 12th

Hey Heroes, get ready!

Today marks the release of our largest content update yet, and we have a ton of goodies in it for you. So sit tight as we give you a quick overview of some of the most exciting features coming to Heroes Evolved on a smart-device near you!

Multi-Language Support

Heroes Evolved is now available in a wide variety of languages, namely French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese.  Enjoy the game in your favorite language today!

Hero artwork update

We’ve changed the way we are presenting heroes, giving you a much more clear and polished look at your favorite playable characters.

New Music

We’ve updated the entire music library of Heroes Evolved, bringing everything to the next level with and epic soundtrack. Feast your ears as you take names on the fields of battle.

New Skins

We have a slew of fresh and unique skins for Apollo, Solus, Raven, and Nosferatu. Show off your new style with these eye-catching skins.

Easter Events

Log in during easter to be showered with gifts! Complete matches to receive Easter Eggs that you can exchange for various limited time goodies!

& Much more!

Discover everything we have waiting for you right now, only in Heroes Evolved! See you in the arena, Hero!