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In-game events August 30th | By HE Team

The time has come to join players around the world for the new Action Real Time Strategy game from Net Dragon and Reality Squared Games.

In September 2016, history will be made as the most efficient online battle arena is open to players. Join us in our Beta launch to receive several thank you gifts that you can use when the game officially launches.


But why play Heroes Evolved? With our micro-client you can go from reality to the battlefield in seconds, our super fast download speed means no hanging around waiting for your friends! There is huge catalogue of heroes, with new characters joining the game all the time! You don't need to worry about countering combat styles, you can be adaptable or as lethal as you want to be.

If you feel a little nervous charging into battle with people from around the world, you can always play in our PVE play mode, which launches late 2016. This enables you to develop strategies, practice combos and gain experience before unleashing hellfire around the world.

After you meet the community, you can challenge other teams to a 10v10 in our custom game mode. Don't forget to join our community and get involved!

As well as playing Heroes Evolved before anyone else, if you join us during the Beta launch you will be able to open a gift pack every 24 hours, for 7 days. Players will also receive a free VIP card, that opens and unlocks new options. Play the VIP experience and see what you're missing!

After the Beta launch there may be some changes, you are personally invited to give as much feedback or as many suggestions as you like. We want to make the game you want to play! Because of this we may need to reset game results after the Beta, player accounts will still stay so you can play your heroes when we are official launch!