Bug Fixes: We're On It!

EVENTSApril 12th

Dear players,

We are aware of certain bugs causing severe inconvenience in our latest update. We're truly sorry for this, and our developers are working their hardest to fix these issues as quickly as possible in order to restore a satisfying play experience to you.

Heroes Evolved wouldn't be what it is today without the support of you, our dedicated fanbase. We sincerely thank you for sticking with us through this.

Here's a list of known major bugs we are currently working on resolving, and implementing in a series of hot-fix patch ASAP. Please keep an eye on this thread, as we will update it as the situation progresses.

- Inability to connect via 4G/LTE

- Android compatibility issues

- Server allocation issues

- Connection issues during battle load

- Game crashes

- Sever selection UI issues

These issues can be temporarily fixed by switching to other languages while you wait for a full fix:

- Black screen when selecting RANK (German only)

- Inability to purchase Heroes with Shards from the store (Russian only)

Heroes Evolved Operation Team