Clan System is coming!

EVENTSJuly 13th

Dear players,

The Clan System is now available in the Heroes Evolved - Here’s a brief introduction of this great new feature!

How to create a clan?

First of all, your account should be Lv. 7 or above. 50 Tokens are required to create your own clan. You can write recruitment messages or post your clan slogan in the clan announcement and also select a cool Clan Crest.

How to join a clan?

You may select a clan to join from the list of all clans, search a specific clan name or clan ID to directly find a clan you want to join.

What's on the clan's homepage? 

1. The clan leader is able to set joining criteria or change the Clan Crest.

2. Both Clan leader and deputy may change the battle announcement.

3. Every clan-mate can check in once every day on the clan homepage to receive Clan Gold and Devotion.

4. Dynamic Clan Display

How to view clan-mates' info?

You can check all clan-mates' info in the clan-mate list, or invite online clan-mates to play a game with you. If you are the creator or an officer of the clan, you may also approve clan applicants or remove a member from the clan.

What's in the Clan Store?

The Clan Store offers a set of random items available for all clan members to buy. You may use Clan Gold to buy items in the Clan Store. You can only buy one item out of a set before the next refresh. You can refresh for free 1 time per day or use Clan Gold to refresh manually, up to 10 times.

How to raise my clan level?

1. You can earn XP for your Clan while participating in certain battles (Ranked, Altar of Strife Co-op vs. AI & Matchmaking). Clan caps at lv. 10. Earn Clan XP to level up your Clan all the way to Clan Lv. 10 - and unlock new Clan Crests.

2. Once Clan XP is maxed out for the week, your Clan can't earn any more.

How to raise my clan level?

Click "Clan Rules" on the clan homepage to see all clan features and related details.

And finally, join in clan event【Crash of Clans】to win rewards and raise your clan level!

1. Duration: 12 - 26 July

2. Raise your Clan level to lv. 3 to earn all teammates Lv. 2 Jewel Card x2, Hero Shard x1, Double Gold 1 Win x1 and Hero Play Card (1 day) x1. 

3. Raise your Clan level to lv. 4 to earn all clanmates Lv. 3 Jewel Card x1, Double Gold 1 Win x2, Hero Shard x3 and Hero Play Card (3 days) x1. 

4. Rewards can stack and will be issued by mail after event ends.

Fight with your clan, Brave Heroes!