Clan Warfare Season 1 is ON!

EVENTSSeptember 7th

Clan Warfare is here!

This Friday and Saturday, between 20:00 and 23:00, players can jump into up to 4 clan matches, marking the beginning of S1 of Clan Warfare! The first season will last until December, and season points will be calculated at the end of each season.

Matchmaking will be based on the highest ranked member of your team, so get ready to face some serious competition, and well co-ordinated opponents. Please note that while you may join a clan at any time, you will have to wait a 48-hour period before you can officially participate in matches with your clan. This should help combat clan-hopping behavior. Stick by your team!

After each match, players will be awarded Gold, XP, Devotion, Clan Points, and Merit! There’s also 2 unique weekly quests to take part in, so make sure you come back often!

Participation Quest:

Complete 4 Clan Matches to earn 80 Gems

Win Quest:

Win 1 Clan Match to earn 80 Gems

We hope you all enjoy this brand new event. We'll see you and your clan on the battlefield!