December 20th Update

UPDATESDecember 20th

Dear Players, 

Servers will be down for around 90 minutes of maintenance beginning 3:00 PM (UTC +8) on December 20th. The exact maintenance schedule is subject to change. 

Logins will be disabled during this time. Ongoing matches may be interrupted, so please avoid starting any matches right before maintenance. Please note that interrupted matches will not be recorded and players will not lose Integrity or Season Points. 

Here is a rundown of the Patch Notes: 


- New Hero: E-stein - 20% discount for his first 7 days in game 

- New Skin: Einstein's Xmas Formula skin - 20% discount for the first 7 days in game 

- New Skin: Diana's Sharpshooter skin (exclusively from Pandora's Box) 

- New Skin: Bombom's Bomfather skin (exclusively from Pandora's Box) 

- New Bundle: E-stein Bundle (E-stein + Xmas Formula + exclusive Jewel x1) 

- New Chest: E-stein's Jewel Chest - Open to receive 1 random E-stein exclusive Lv. 3-5 Jewel. 

- New Kill FX: Jack Frost Card 

- New Frame: White Christmas Frame

- New Nameplate: Season's Greetings Nameplate 

- New Items: Little Helper's Hat, Stocking Fillers, Christmas Tree - During the event, play ranked matches or matchmaking games (non-AI) for a chance to receive. 

- New Item: Tree-topper - Obtained by combining Little Helper Hat, Stocking Fillers and Christmas Tree. Used to redeem various Christmas packages. 

- New Christmas Packages: St. Nick's Sack, Christmas Gift, Santa's Presents - Used to receive random rewards. Chance to get White Christmas Frame, Season's Greetings Nameplate, or the Kill FX Card - Jack Frost. 


- One More Gift Under the Tree: Log in on Christmas Day to receive vouchers. 

- Christmas Wishing Well: During the event period, go to the Wishing Well and make a wish. You may obtain permanent heroes or hero contract cards. 

- Christmas Collection: During the event period, participate in Christmas Collection event for a chance to obtain White Christmas Frame, Season's Greetings Nameplate, Kill FX Card - Jack Frost, or other rewards. 

- Pandora's Box: During the event period, open Pandora's Boxes for permanent skins or skin essences. Skins you may get from Pandora's Box during the event: Bomfather (Bombom), Sharpshooter (Diana), Rainbow Ice (Magicka), or Android Warrior (Raven). 

- Essence Essentials: During the event period, use skin essences to redeem for Hopestones used to open Pandora's Box. 

- Christmas Hopestone Party: Play a game for a chance to get Hopestones and Pandora's Boxes. In the event period, Pandora's Boxes can be used to redeem for Hopestones. 

- Sweet Sharing: During the event, obtain and share E-stein, Xmas Formula, Bomfather, and/or Sharpshooter on Facebook or Twitter to receive exclusive Jewels and Gems. 

- Christmas Recharge Perks: During the event, recharge certain amounts in total to receive Hopestones and various vouchers. 


- The following heroes have been removed from the Secret Shop: Lilith, Ares, Grom, Nezha, Vince, Pandora, Cleopatra, Crystal, and Magicka. 


- Fixed various text alignment and overflow issues. 

The Heroes Evolved Operations Team