ESGS highlight of the day - Day 3

EVENTSOctober 31st

Welcome to the R2Games ESGS Daily Rundown for Day 3, October 29th!

Congratulations to Mercenary, our Asia champion of Heroes Evolved Championship!


On the final day of our presence here at ESGS, viewers spectated the Grand Final of HEC Asia, a fierce battle between teams Luminous & Mercenary. It's sure to be a memorable fight, as each team represents the very best this pool has to offer.

In the first round, Luminous got the first blood of HEC finals at 1:50. Following this, at 2:35, Electros found a chance and led his teammates to gank Mercenary in the jungle, scoring 2 kills. But Mercenary go the comeback immediately with Grom's perfect hook. But because of the timely support from Luminous'teammates, Mercenary missed 2 kills again. Then Luminous kept expanding their advantage by killing and destroying towers. On minute 10, with great teamwork, Electros led their teammates to ace Mercenary in a visceral teamfight. In the next 2 minutes, Luminous aced Mercenary and got the first win of the Grand finals.


The second round began with first blood by Mercenary, and Aiden landed a double kill. Butt Mercenary recovered fast, and learnt the lesson quickly as they built up their advantage through some awesome team fights in the early stage and ended the second match in 11 minutes with the score 15-1.

Both teams played it safe, and kept balance in the first 2 minutes. Mercenary got the first blood in the middle lane team fight, but Luminous took revenge to get a kill in the next second. Then Luminous found the chance to ace enemies when Mercenary killed Dragon. On the 7th minute, an exciting team fight happened in the jungle again, and Mercenary got the comeback to nearly ace Luminous. On the 10th minute, Luminous unleashed a team-push in the middle lane, but with timely support from Mercenary's teammates, they succeeded in stopping the push from Luminous. The final team fights happened from the jungle, and Mercenary rushed to the highland tower to kill 4 enemies, leaving only Jeanne alive, which couldn't stop the final push from Mercenary and lost the third game.


In the final match, first blood happened on minute 2:50, and Mercenary unleashed a successful gank in the jungle of Luminous to kill 3 people. On minute 4:20, with good teamwork and strategy, Mikio secured a triple kill with his ultimate skill, and led team to destroy a tower. On minute 7, Mercenary unleashed the fight again, but they were too confident - got caught by Grom and lost 3 teammates, then Mercenary chose to retreat but Luminous got the chance to ace them and got a perfect comeback. With the huge advantage, Luminous killed Zakar and destroyed two towers. After Mercenary came back from being aced, they quickly made a comeback to kill 4 enemies and destroyed the highland tower of Luminous. Then two sides played quite carefully. On minute 16, Ares from Luminous unleashed the fight and killed 3 people, but because of the flexibility and high damage of Cleopatra, Mercenary was able to make a comeback and kill 2 enemies. Then Cleopatra, Ula, and Mikio killed Zakar. At the 19th minute, Grom got caught wandering alone by himself in the jungle without his teammates, and then Mikio, Una, and Zhang fei in Mercenary beautifully took out three opponents one by one. It became very clear that Luminous won't get a second chance to fight back.

If you want to see more wonderful fight videos, you can check the links below.

Round one:

Round two:

Round three:

Final round:

We've organized a very special event, dubbed Champion Team Chaotic Duel. 5 audience members will be selected at random, and mixed with the winning team from HEC Asia to create 2 even teams of pros and amateurs. Prize packs and giveaways for everyone, with a special prize for the winning team!

Thanks for following along with our ESGS coverage of what we've been up to! Stay tuned for more events like this in the future!