February 14th Update

UPDATESFebruary 14th

Here is a rundown of the Patch Notes: 

 - Added Valentine's Day Events: earn Pink Roses from the [Date With Destiny] and [Sharing is Caring] events, then redeem them for Heroes and Items

 - Added Valentine's Day Gift Packs (discounted to 99 Tokens), containing permanent Valentine's Avatar Frame and piles of Points

 - Added Language Switch function for English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese languages

 - Added smart matchmaking function to pair players with similarly-skilled players

 - Removed mechanism penalizing VIP player levels for not recharging in a given month

 - Optimized Points distribution for Ranked matches, creating a more fair Points distribution system

 - Optimized matchmaking algorithm for Gold and above tiers, guaranteeing no AI opponents 

 - Fixed bugs and optimized game UI

 - Valentine's Day Gift Packs are discounted to 99 Tokens, despite displaying as 199 Tokens. We apologize for any inconvenience and will update the correct display price shortly

Heroes Evolved Operations Team