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First update coming since Beta Test

In-game events September 14th | By HE Team

Dear Players,

Today we are going to ship the first update since we started Beta Test, we are excited to see players like Heroes Evolved, especially those who told us your suggestions. We value each feedback from players and we will continuously improve our product for better experience. In today's update, a brand new hero RAVEN will join your hero gallery, also with a customized skin.


You can check more details about Raven in your hero gallery, if you like this hero please do not hestitate to purchase Raven and his skin because they are currently under 40% discount. Furthermore, players will have the chance to try all heroes and skins for free this weekend during Super Weekend Event, which players can also use CDKEY to redeem upto 30 battle items for free. Use these items in the right time may even change the entire situation. Click here to check the detailed update note and collect your CDKEY.

In the future we will bascially update Heroes Evolved once a week, while we may release some minor updates more times to fix more bugs during Beta Test. If you like this game, do not forget to share our game to your friends, and please note only 3 seconds needed to download Heroes Evolved. To tell us more please come to our official forum.

Heroes Evolved Operation team