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Tournament October 25th | By HE Team

Hey Players,

As you know, we have an awesome tournament coming up, with the opportunity of a lifetime! With a cool $60,000USD prize pool for the final four teams, as well as a trip to China to compete in the world finals, for the winning team!

The Heroes Evolved Championship will begin on 28th October, with sign-ups ending October 31st. The process to join couldn’t be any simpler, just make sure you have your team ready to sign up and in your friends list!


Step 1. Locate the TOURNAMENTS button, once you have opened the client.


Step 2. Click the MORE button, to open the tournament section.


Step 3. Click MY TEAM to create a NEW TEAM then add your teammates!


Step 4. Add your team to this section, and review some minor stats


Step 5. Click SIGN UP to confirm your participation, this will change to SIGNED UP


Step 6. Locate your matches by clicking MY MATCHES.

All you have to do now, is wait until your match is up and practice, practice, practice! If you’re a new player, visit our forum to find some teammates. Don’t forget you can also get in touch with us on our Facebook page here, or feel free to join the community on the forums here

Good luck, have fun and see you on the battlefield!