Heroes Evolved Update - April 18th 2018

UPDATESApril 17th

All Heroes Evolved servers will be down for 1.5 hours of maintenance beginning 3pm (UTC +8) on April 18th. The exact maintenance schedule is subject to change. Logins will be disabled during this time. Ongoing matches may be interrupted, so please avoid starting any matches right before maintenance. 

Here's a rundown of the Patch Notes:


1. New hero Odin

Redeem Odin for free by using the 3 out of the 4 required items to redeem Odin for free or purchased from Store.

2. Odin's all-new epic skin

Knightly Glory, can be redeemed for free by collecting Cakes through events or purchased from Store.

3. Nezha's all-new limited skin - Wheel Of Fortune has been added to the new round of Pandora's Box event.

4. First Anniversary Frame, which is exclusive from First Anniversary events, can be redeemed using Cakes.


1. Cakes For Gifts

Join events to earn Cakes, which can be used to redeem Odin's epic skin Knightly Glory, First Anniversary Frame or other rewards.

2. Pandora's Box

Reward Update: Wheel Of Fortune (Nezha), Valiant Commander (Zhao Yun), Voodoo Mecha (Lu Bu) and Heartless Beauty (Mulan)

Exchange a certain amount of Skin Essences or Pandora's Boxes for Hopestones, which can be used to open Pandora Boxes.

Consecutive game login achievements and matched battles now have a chance to provide Pandora's Boxes and Hopestones for free!

3. Recharge daily to get awesome rewards.


1. Minerva added to Shard Store.

2. Anniversary page is available. Check out all the data from the past year of Heroes Evolved.


Fixed the issue where Merits progress is missing from the Hero Info panel.