Heroes Evolved Update - January 30th 2019

UPDATESJanuary 30th

Servers will be down for 1.5 hours of maintenance beginning 3pm (UTC +8) on January 30th. Exact maintenance schedule is subject to change.

Logins will be disabled during this time. Ongoing matches may be interrupted, so please avoid starting any matches right before maintenance.

A compensation package of 300 Gold, 50 Gems and 100 Dragonium will be provided after the update.

Here's a rundown of the Patch Notes:

[New Releases]

- New Skin: Lu Bu - Iron Heart;

- New Skin: Diao Chan - Moonflower Love;

- February Check-in Skin: Magicka’s Flourishing Majesty skin;

- New Frame:

  2019 Valentine Frame (Blue): Join the event to earn;

  2019 Valentine Frame (Red): Unlock both Diao Chan’s Moonflower Love and Lu Bu’s Iron Heart skins to earn;


- Valentine’s Pandora's Box: Lu Bu - Iron Heart, Diao Chan - Moonflower Love, Pyrrhus - Loving Swain, Lotus - Loving Maiden;

- Nian Beast Invasion: Join the event, collect Nian Essence to redeem ZODIAC GIFT PACK, open to receive one of the following: Wendy’s New Year Bash skin, Lapina’s Bunny New Year skin, Lunaria’s Moon Maiden skin, Cleopatra’s Jade Empress skin, Gold, Gems, Points, Skin Shards, Hero Shards - and more; 

- Redeem Hearts: Collect Hearts by completing quests to redeem Pengwing’s Brilliant Shine skin, 2019 Valentine Frame (Blue) and more;

- Redeem White Chocolate: Purchase boxes of White Chocolate to collect and redeem following skins: Lunaria’s Crescent Duchess skin, Solus’ Moon Duke skin, Lapina’s Bunny Fizzness skin, Mulan’s Dancing Pirouette skin, Scarlet’s Perfect Cheerleader skin, Poseidon’s Dragon Lad skin;

- Cupid’s Return: Unlock Minerva's Passion Blossom and Aiden's Soaring Love to earn;

- Lover’s Skins for Rewards: Unlock both Diao Chan’s Moonflower Love and Lu Bu’s Iron Heart skins to earn a 2019 Valentine Frame (Red);

- Lucky Card: Paige, Estrath - Robed Swordmaster;


- New item in SHARD STORE:

   Heroes: Pyrrhus, Freya, Venom, Vince, Nosferatu, Lapina;

   Skins: Cleopatra - Golden Queen, Diana - Waspish Stinger, Nosferatu - Vampiric Schoolboy, Sun Wukong - Warring Buddha, Grom - Deepsea Angler, Flavia - Blazing Enchantress.