Heroes Evolved Update - May 17 2019


Servers will be down for 3 hours of maintenance beginning 3pm (UTC +8) on May 17th. Exact maintenance schedule is subject to change.

Logins will be disabled during this time. Ongoing matches may be interrupted, so please avoid starting any matches right before maintenance.

Here's a rundown of the Patch Notes:

[New Features]

- Heroes Royale mode upgraded: new gameplay with interactive items which randomly refresh during combat. 

  1. Breakable items: chance to drop item if broken. 

  2. Camouflage items: stand beside an item to camouflage like it. Breakable; chance to drop item if broken. 

  3. Tree-transform items: use during combat to transform into a tree. 

  4. Gear Chest adjustment: new Gear Chests require players to be near the back to unlock, and open after a 2-second delay. 

- Adventure Mode: 

  1. You can now Convert gear in Adventure Mode to change the type of gear you own. 

  2. Guild Skirmish prize adjustments: new Guild ranks and Personal ranks added in for Guild members, conferring prizes based on rankings. 

- Struggle effects added when forced to another location. 

[New Releases]

- All-new Hero: Raker;

- Adventure Mode: Magnolia, Albus and Hattori added to Altar of Heroes.

Exclusive rewards from Lexicon Season 3:

- All-new Skin: Borgon - Lion Dance;

- All-new Frame: Lexicon Season 3 Frame;

- Nameplate: LEXICON (3);

- Chat Frame: Red Major Chat Frame;

- Observer Ward Skin: Piggy Wiggy;

- Battle Emotes: Abyssal Observer, Cut Throat;

- Kill FX: Punisher's Blade;

- Teleport FX: Puff of Cloud.


- Lexicon Season 3 is now online! Activate the Lexicon to unlock three new features: Betting on victories, tipping, and additional rewards. Loads of new rewards are ready for the taking!

Optimized daily Lexicon quests: 

  1. Number of heroes able to be used increased from 1 to 4 with any Strength, Agility or Intelligence hero randomly selected. Must have at least 1 of each hero type. 

  2. New type of quest: 2 random daily quests may be completed for bonus Lexicon XP based on number of friends, highest Intimacy and highest tier reached. 

- Collect 20, 40 or 65 Frames in total to earn a bonus FX prize. 


- Default hero may now be configured and displayed in the CUSTOMIZE menu; 

- Gear details added to in-combat stats UI; 

- Joystick added to view the whole battlefield at a time; 

- Optimized hero selection and ban screens, adding a ban hotkey; 

- Heroes earned from the Chaos Altars in Adventure Mode may now be converted into Sacred Serum; 

- Optimized Adventure Mode - Royal Rumble:

  1. Heroes spawn with Jade Heart gear; 

  2. Players’ names are hidden in-combat. 

- Fixed bugs.

[Hero Adjustments] 

- Mikio


After ability is completed, location shifts from original position to center of casting location.

- Minerva

[Hunter’s Speed] changed to [Flutter Fall]: by the light of the moon, Minerva’s speed is increased for 4 seconds. Casting blinds enemies within 850 range for 1.5 seconds. 

- Nosferatu

[Blood Sucker] max Life Steal adjusted from 300 to 500

[Blood Storm] shield health adjusted from 300 to 500

- Pandora

[Uplifting Melody] now grants double effect to self. 

[Song of Destruction] adjusted: sends a note of destruction in a target direction, clinging on to the first enemy unit it hits to gain its field of vision while dealing Magical Damage and slowing Movement by 25% and Attack Speed by 15%. The note explodes after 2.5s, dealing magical damage to nearby enemy units.

- Cherith

[Succubus Rush] cooldown adjusted from 11/10/9/8s to 12/11/10/9s

[Scythe Boogie] mana cost adjusted from 35/40/45/50 to 45/50/55/60

- Zed

[Dark Surge] now increases movement speed by 15%/20%/25%/30%

- Grom

[Meat Hook] cooldown adjusted from 14/13/12/11s to 13/12/11/10s

[Gear Adjustments]

[Detection Gem] merge adjustments: 

Pearl of Essence (1200) + 1000 = 2200 adjusted to Pearl of Life (900) + Pearl of Magic (450) + 450 = 1800. Attributes: [+350 Health, +200 Mana] adjusted to [+300 Health +200 Mana].

[True Sight Gem] merge adjustments: 

Detection Gem (2200) + Bead of Bloodshed (1750) + 450 = 4400 adjusted to Detection Gem (1800) + Bead of Bloodshed (1750) + 450 = 4000.

[True Sight Gem] gear effect adjustments: 

UNIQUE PASSIVE - Spoils: Whenever an enemy unit dies within 1000 radius and was not last-hit by you, you gain 2 Coins, recover 10 Health, and 5 Mana. 

adjusted to: 

UNIQUE PASSIVE - Spoils II: Whenever an enemy unit dies within 1000 radius and was not last-hit by you, you gain 4 Coins, recover 20 Health, and 10 Mana.