Heroes Evolved Update - November 14th 2018

UPDATESNovember 14th

All Heroes Evolved servers will be down for 3 hours of maintenance beginning 3pm (UTC +8) on November 14th. The exact maintenance schedule is subject to change.

Logins will be disabled during this time. Ongoing matches may be interrupted, so please avoid starting any matches right before maintenance.

A compensation package of 150 Gems and 150 Dragonium will be provided after the update. Login to the game on time to claim them!

Here's a rundown of the Patch Notes:


- Adventure Mode:

  The Hero Awaken function will be active once a hero reaches level 80. After being awakened, a hero will be granted Awaken abilities, bonus attributes, as well as Adventure Mode exclusive Awaken light effects and hero avatar frames.

  Heroes can now deal basic attacks while riding a mount in Adventure Mode;

  Relics of Chaos now supports Replay saving function.

- Lane Choice function added to the hero select panel.

- Announcer Style toggle added to the audio settings panel. Players can now choose between Classic and Intense styles for Kill VO effect.

- NUDGE! function added to the matchmaking ready check panel.


- New Hero: Athena. Gained through Lucky Card in Adventure Mode - Zodiac Trials.

- New Skin: Mulan - Dancing Pirouette.

- Adventure Mode: Damacus and Stiletto added to Altar of Heroes.


- Pandora's Box event is open.

  Skins of this term: Mulan - Dancing Pirouette, Nosferatu - Crimson Emissary (Japanese VO), Damacus - Wave Watch and Clarice - Winged Gamer.

  Log in for the required number of days to receive Pandora's Boxes and Hopestones for free;

  Exchange a certain amount of Skin Essences or Pandora's Boxes for Hopestones, which can be used to open Pandora Boxes;

  Complete quests to receive Pandora's Boxes and Hopestones for free;

- Lucky Card event added to Zodiac Trials in Adventure Mode. Flip cards for a chance to win new hero Athena.

- Hero Convert and Redeem Hero features added to Hero Carnival in Adventure Mode. Heroes can be converted to Sacred Serums, which can then be used to redeem heroes.


- Adventure Mode: Zodiac Trials updated.

  Matchmaking mode has been changed to Single and Party modes;

  Added Hard mode. Complete Zodiac Trials on Hard mode to earn a Lucky Card session;

  Among the 6 card flips of each session, the first flip is always free. You can accrue up to 30 sessions. Flip cards for a chance to win Athena (Match Mode), 5-Star Athena (Adventure Mode), as well as various gears and items (including legendary gears).

  Low Battle Ratings will be boosted to a normalized level during Zodiac Trials challenges. Heroes with higher Battle Ratings will be deployed with their actual current attributes.

- Heroes Royale Daily Leader Boards Rule Modification: Players used to be ranked according to total EXP, but now they will be ranked according to Title levels. Under same Titles, players with higher EXP will be ranked higher.

- My Profile - Heroes: The images of most used heroes will be modified to them being in skins currently in use.

- The Customize system has been moved to the Battle Setup system.

- Optimized the Banner panel.

- Quick chat, Exclusive Mounts, Kill FX, Observer Ward, Teleport FX and Nameplate panels updated.

- Animation effects for the Results panel in Heroes Royale have been improved.

- Fixed bugs.