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Heroes Evolved Update - November 30th, 2016

Game updates November 25th | By HE Team

Dear Players,


Heroes Evolved will be having a Maintenance at 6:45 AM on Wednesday, November 30 (EST). Maintenance is expected to take approximately one hour. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes,


Patch Note: 

- Released new user interface.

- Released new hero - CHRONOS.

- Released new treasure chest system and the first Beauty Feast Treasure. Treasure Keys on special for 999 Gems during this week (Original price 1499 Gems).

- All Heroes unlocked from November 30 to December 4 (EST).

- Earn Double rewards from December 3 to December 4 (EST).

- Heroes reverted to original price:

 Golden Knight—CLARICE (Original 1500 Gems)

 Golden Queen—CELOPATRA (Original 1500 Gems)

 Immolation Avenger—APOLLO (Original 1500 Gems)

 Elven Kingship—AIDEN (Original 1500 Gems)

- Added new rewards by completing quests through matchmaking.

- Players will be rewarded more Gold after each match.

- Fixed issue where Odin Knightly Glory Skin card could not be used.

- Fixed issue where Lunaria's shield stats remained the same in spite of leveling up.

- Fixed issue where the Ancient team's scores were not displaying correctly.

- Fixed issue where there was no description for PRISM of SORCERY.

- Fixed issue where there was no description for BARBARIC AXE.

- Fixed issue where item description didn't fit in the box in some cases.

- Fixed issue where there was a string of code in VIP 4 description.

- Fixed issue where there was a string of code in confirmation option after collecting gems from    email.

- Optimized in-game text transform.

- Optimized translations of Heroes' skill description.

- Game Results can be seen on recent game stats board now.