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Heroes Evolved Update - September 14th, 2016

Game updates September 14th | By HE Team

- Redeem Code: 56123JL11kh7ps37ddf, which includes 5 Resurrection Stone, Teleport Stone, and Travel Stone. Users can redeem this CDKEY from Sep 17th 0:00 to 24:00 (EST).

- Redeem Code: 6IAFB561r2x6V50243x, which includes 5 Protection Stone, Mini Shop, and Omniscience. Users can redeem this CDKEY from Sep 18th 0:00 to 24:00 (EST).

- Added Lucky Wheel Event.

- Added Super Weekend Event which users can use ALL heroes and skins for free from Sep 17th 0:00 to 18th 24:00 (EST).

- Released a new hero - RAVEN.

- Released a new skin of RAVEN on discount 700 Gems (Original 1000 Gems).

- Released a new pack that includes RAVEN and Android Warrior Skin on discount 1099 Gems (Original 1800 Gems).

- Updated Leader Boards.

- Improved some strings and descriptions.

- Fixed several bugs.