Heroes Evolved Update - September 19th 2018

UPDATESSeptember 19th

All Heroes Evolved servers will be down for 3 hours of maintenance beginning 3:00 PM (UTC +8) on September 19th. The exact maintenance schedule is subject to change.

Logins will be disabled during this time. Ongoing matches may be interrupted, so please avoid starting any matches right before maintenance.

Here is a rundown of the Patch Notes:

[Adventure Mode Announcement]

- Season's End settlement in Adventure Mode, Season End rewards will be sent via mail.

Rewards will be based on the data of the rankings right before maintenance. All rewards will be sent by next Wednesday (9/26) by the latest.

- After this season ends, a new season begins in Adventure Mode.

Cross Server Battles (Cross server only, but not cross region).

Champion's Arena, and Divine Coliseum ranks will reset and will use the tier system. For specifics please tap the "RULES" button in the Champion's Arena and Divine Coliseum panels.

Chaos Titles in Relics of Chaos will reset and players will be granted adjusted titles in the new season, based on their current Chaos Title.

The items with a quantity limit in the Glory Shop will reset. 

[Ranked Announcement]

- Season 7 will end after the maintenance on 26 September 2018, after which Season 8 will begin;

[Clan Warfare Announcement]

- New season for Clan Warfare will begin after the maintenance on 26 September 2018;

[New Features]

- Intimacy system is live, playing matches while partied up with mutual friends will raise Intimacy between the two players.

- New gear added to PVP match modes: Dome Breaker, and Zakar's Blight.

- Friend Tracking: you can now see which modes your friends are playing and join them in real-time.

- New Power Saving Mode along with Battery display.

- New High Framerate Mode.

- New modes added to Custom: Relics of Chaos, and Dueling Grounds (1v1)

- New titles system added to Heroes Royale.

- New Royale daily quests added to Guidance: "Endless Carnage" and "Ultimate Turtle".

- Chapter 10 is added to Hero's Journey in Adventure Mode.

[New Releases]

- New Hero: Damacus

- New summer skin for Damacus - Wave Watch.


- Minerva's epic skin - Shinobi Deadeye, available in the Arena Shop in Adventure Mode.

- Diana's epic skin - Supreme Justice, available in the Glory Shop in Adventure Mode.

- New Nameplate: CAESAR, received from obtaining the Royale Title - Caesar.

- New Frame: Royale Gold Frame, Royale Silver Frame, Royale Bronze Frame received from Hereos Royale.


- Dragon Vale is back with 3 more stages and even better rewards.


- Warfare Skins Redeem: Purchase Warfare Skin Cartes Boxes and collect Warfare Skin Cartes to redeem these permanent skins: Zhao Yun - Valiant Commander, Cao Cao - Glorious Warlord, Guan Yu - Hellfire Warrior, Lu Bu - Voodoo Mecha, Pyrrhus - Matador Legend.

- Warfare Heroes Battle Gifts: Play with Warfare heroes, receive gifts.


- Season Rush: Win ranked matches, receive Power-up Chests, open them for Jewels.


- Share the required images on Facebook or Twitter to receive great gifts.


- Improved First Recharge: Instead of receiving only Mulan, you can now choose to receive one of three heroes: Mulan, Pyrrhus, or Solus.

- Ranked Match mechanisms optimized:

A Palladium player can only duo queue with one other Palladium player.

- Heroes Royale Improvements:

Added the Quick Sell and Discard functions to the inventory.

Added the Quick Draw function.

Added the Pre-Buy function to the Shops.

Added the RE-BALANCING feature to heroes based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Adjusted the mechanism which randomly refreshes buffs and chests, for details see "Heroes Royale Rules".

Improved the match statistics panel at the end of the match.

- Added the Royale Tutorial to Entertainment - Training Camp.

- Adjusted entry portals for Pandora's Box event. The entry portal in the Store will be removed, and the will instead only appear at the top of the main panel when the event is active.

- Share the required images on Facebook or Twitter to receive great gifts.

[Balance Adjustments]

(1) Hero Balancing


(Hunter's Speed) Bonus Movement Speed changed from 20% to 20%/25%/30%/35%.

(Fan of Arrows) from 170/215/260/305 (+0.75 Spell Power Ratio) magical damage changed to180/225/270/315 (+0.4 Bonus Attack Damage Ratio) magical damage.

(Moon Shot) Travel speed has been adjusted from 3000 to 3200. 

(2) New Gear


+20 Intelligence

+110 Spell Power

+100% Mana Regen

ACTIVE - Dome Breaker: Deals 600 magical damage to a target enemy hero unit, every 1 Spell Power grants 1 bonus magical damage.

Mana Cost: 250

Cooldown: 35s

Cast Range: 850

(This is a direct upgrade to God Hand. If you own both items, only the most powerful active will be displayed and usable)


+60 Spell Power

+35 Attack Speed

UNIQUE PASSIVE - Fast Casting III: 15% Cooldown Reduction (Max 40%)

Attribute - Travel I: +10% Movement Speed

UNIQUE PASSIVE - Blight: Basic attacks deal on-hit 20 (+15% Spell Power) magical damage.

(3) Magical Gear Adjustments


+450 Health ->+350 Health

+400 Mana->+300 Mana

+10 Health Regen

+70 Spell Power

+100% Mana Regen

UNIQUE PASSIVE: +15% Magical Life Steal

UNIQUE PASSIVE - Fast Casting IV: 20% Cooldown Reduction

(4) Physical Gear Adjustments


+60 Attack Damage


20% Cooldown Reduction (Max 40%) -> 15% Cooldown Reduction (Max 40%)

UNIQUE PASSIVE: +12% Physical Life Steal ->+25% Physical Life Steal

UNIQUE PASSIVE - Soul Eater (Offense): Each last-hit on an enemy unit grants 4 ->5 Attack Damage and 0.5% ->1% Physical Life Steal, max 10 stacks, the stacks are lost upon death. Inherits the stacks from Souleater Sword.


ACTIVE - Setting Sun: Deals magical damage to target hero unit-> to all nearby enemy units  equal to 120 + 8% of target's Max Health, causing Movement Slow by 70% and reducing the target's damage output by 30% for 1.5s.

Cast Range: 600 ->Nearby 450 Radius

3. BUTTERFLY WINGS ->+45 Attack Damage

(5) Survival Gear Adjustments:


The Active ability now has a Mana Cost: 50


+60 Armor ->+50 Armor

UNIQUE PASSIVE: +15 Spell Resist -> +20 Spell Resist


ACTIVE - Health Spring: Grants allied Melee/Ranged heroes 600/300 -> 800/400 Max Health for 10s. Cooldown: 30s. Mana Cost: 50.


+450 Health ->+500 Health

+10 All Attributes ->+12 All Attributes

+30 Armor ->+12 Health Regen

+10 Health Regen

UNIQUE PASSIVE - Scorch II: Deals continuous magical damage per second equal to 70 + 1% -> 75+1% of target's max Health to enemy units within a 200 radius. Deals +50% bonus magical damage to troops and jungle creatures.

(6) Ward Gear Adjustments


+200 Health ->350 Health

+200 Mana

Cooldown: 75s

UNIQUE PASSIVE - True Sight: Replaces Observer Ward with a Detection device.

Adjusted to:

Attribute - True Sight: 10s Cooldown Reduction to your Observer Wards

Attribute - Spoils: Whenever an enemy unit dies within 1000 radius and was not last-hit by you, you gain 2 Coins, recover 10 Health, and 5 Mana.


+350 Health -> +500 Health

+300 Mana -> +350 Mana

+8 Health Regen

+125% Mana Regen

Cooldown: 75s

UNIQUE PASSIVE - Fast Casting IV: 20% Cooldown Reduction (Max 40%)

UNIQUE PASSIVE - True Sight II: Replaces Observer Ward with a True Sight device.

Adjusted to:

Attribute - True Sight: 10s Cooldown Reduction to your Observer Wards. Placing an Observer Ward grants you True Sight for 10s.

Attribute - Spoils: Whenever an enemy unit dies within 1000 radius and was not last-hit by you, you gain 2 Coins, recover 10 Health, and 5 Mana.

True Sight: Detects Invisible units within a 1200 radius.