EVENTSOctober 17th

Big news coming up!

And no, this time we are not actually talking about Bruce Lee (he is coming as well though!) but the other huge feature that is now available on Heroes Evolved after the latest update on Oct 18th!

Here we go! Heroes Evolved TV is here! We have created an amazing channel where you can watch and publish your favorite Gameplays, Reviews and Walkthroughs related to the game!

You think you are ready for the challenge? Want to become a loud and clear voice as the great LiveStreamer you are? Fill up the registration form if you feel this is for you!



Rewards will come into the program, and if your videos are part of the selection people likes the most you’ll be seeing them every now and then in the game itself!

For more information/ Livestream tutorial, Follow the instructions below:

Livestream with Android Device

Required Equipment: A mobile phone, "BIGO LIVE- Live Stream" app, "Heroes Evolved" app.

STEP 1: Download and install "BIGO LIVE- Live Stream" app


STEP 2: Open "BIGO LIVE- Live Stream" to register for using the app.

STEP 3: Click Live stream button


STEP 4: Choose "Game Live", select "Heroes Evolved" in Mobile Game.


STEP 5: Upon clicking "Go LIVE" it will take you to Heroes Evolved app automatically then you are LIVE!

Livestream with iOS Device

Required Equipment: A mobile phone, "Twitch" app, "Omlet Arcade" app, "Heroes Evolved" app.


STEP 1: Download and install "Twitch",  "Omlet Arcade" app. (If you already have both apps logged in on your device, skip to STEP 3)

STEP 2: Open "Twitch" and "Omlet Arcade" to register for using the app.

STEP 3: Enter Heroes Evolved- Go to Settings 


STEP 4. Click "Replay kit" in tab- Turn off Screencap & Auto Record- Turn on Livestream- Check if Livestream button appears on your screen. 


STEP 5.Click on the "Livestream” button that pops up, then choose "Omlet Arcade". 



STEP 6. Select Twitch- 720P (highest resolution as possible)- Save to Gallery (If you want to save your live stream feed)- Click Next. 



STEP 7. Make sure you are livestreaming using the Twitch account you logged in (step2), then hit start streaming. 


STEP 8. When "Livestream" button turns into "Online", you are now LIVE!



1.Once you start the livestream it will capture everything on your screen, so please turn off unnecessary apps that has pop up.

2.Interact more frequently with the audience about your game skills and feeling. Humor can greatly boost your popularity.