January 24th Update(North America server)

UPDATESJanuary 24th

Here is a rundown of the Patch Notes: 

New Features

- Launched European server - Asgard for Android;

- Added Facebook invitation feature;

- Added cross server matchmaking.

New Activities

- Added friend invite activity. Invite Facebook friends to receive rewards;

- Added Warrior and Shooter Mercenaries part event, users can receive bonus rewards through completing quests with specific Heroes;

- Add Facebook Redemption Codes event, user can obtain code from Heroes Evolved Mobile Facebook and redeem it in game;

- Added Recharge for free skin event. Recharge 2100 Tokens during the event to receive the Epic Mulan Skin: Special Snowflake;

-Added Weekend double gold pack event, users can collect a Double Gold (1 day) Card through logging in every Saturday & Sunday.

Other improvements

- Optimized in-game text strings;

- Fixed an issue where the game crashed after tapping on Helpshift button in some cases;

- Fixed an issue where there was a resource initialization failed notice starting the game though there is enough storage space in some cases;

- Fixed an issue where friend list disappeared after update;

- Fixed an issue where Gem Level Card did not reward players with the gems as promised;

- Fixed an issue where game crashed during matchmaking in some cases.

Heroes Evolved Operations Team