January 24th Update

UPDATESJanuary 24th

Dear Players, 

Servers will be down for around 90 minutes of maintenance beginning 3:00 PM (UTC +8) on January 24th. The exact maintenance schedule is subject to change. 

Logins will be disabled during this time. Ongoing matches may be interrupted, so please avoid starting any matches right before maintenance. Please note that interrupted matches will not be recorded and players will not lose Integrity or Season Points. 

Here is a rundown of the Patch Notes: 


- Daily Facebook quests and Activeness Points rankings: 

  Complete Facebook daily quests to receive Activeness Points. You will be ranked weekly based on the Activeness Points you earn in a week. Rank on the Activeness Points rankings to earn Avenging Warrior Shards, an exclusive Facebook Activeness Frame, or other rewards. 


- New Skin: Flavia's Flower Power (20% off for the first 7 days in game) 

- New Skin: Nightshade's Chaos Pixie (20% off for the first 7 days in game) 

- New Skin: Dragos' Avenging Warrior (Redeemed with Avenging Warrior Shards, which can be obtained for being ranked on the Activeness Points rankings) 

- New Bundle: Flavia Bundle (Flavia + Flower Power + lv. 3 Jewel) 

- New Bundle: Nightshade Bundle (Nightshade + Chaos Pixie + lv. 3 Jewel) 

- New Pack: Elysian Divas Pack - Used to randomly receive a permanent skin, skin shard or gems. 

- New Item: Avenging Warrior Shard - one of the Activeness Points rankings rewards, which can be collected and used to redeem the Avenging Warrior skin. 


- Lunar New Year Login Madness: During the event period, log in for the required number of days to receive awesome rewards. 

- Monday Surprise: On 29th January, log in to collect a 1 day contract card of a hero and one of a skin. 

- Dragos Activeness Reward: Rank on the Facebook Activeness Points rankings to receive Avenging Warrior Shards and use them to redeem the Avenging Warrior skin. 

- Sweet Sharing: During the event period, obtain and share Flower Power and/or Chaos Pixie on Facebook or Twitter to receive exclusive Jewels and Gems. 

- Lunar New Year Sale - Gold Discount On Heroes: During the event period, price of Raven, Solus and Lunaria will be reduced by 4,000 Gold. 

- Cash for Gold: During the event period, spend certain amounts of Gold to be rewarded. 


- Removed the weekly Facebook invitation rankings and total rankings from the Social – Facebook section of game. 

- Invalid items such as Little Helper's Hat, Stocking Fillers, Christmas Tree, and Tree-topper can now be sold from the Inventory. 

- Items in the Shard Store are adjusted to: 

  Heroes: Lapina, Raven, Solus, Nightshade, Electros, Apollo, Lu Bu, Zhang Fei, Lotus, Pyrrhus, Lunaria, Yuki, and Rockman 

  Skins: Flower Power, Chaos Pixie, Divine Empress, Foul Poisoner, Mythic Mithras, Redhead Ranger, Neon Wave, Deepsea Angler, Pumpkin Lord, Electroblast, Twilight Ranger, Giant Gorilla, and Chemical Romance 


- Fixed the issue where the Clan Name Change Card randomly disappeared from the Inventory. After the fix, players will be able to see their purchased but unused Clan Name Change Card in their Inventory. 

The Heroes Evolved Operations Team