July 26th Update

UPDATESJuly 26th

Dear Players,

Servers will be down for around 90 minutes of scheduled maintenance beginning 3:00 PM (UTC +8) on July 26th, login will be disabled during this time. Ongoing matches will be allowed to play out. Exact maintenance schedule is subject to change.

Here's a rundown of the Patch Notes: 


- New Skins:

  Exclusive Crystal skin - Mistress of Frost (obtained from Pandora's Box only)

  Exclusive Flavia skin - Tempting Incendiary (August check-in skin)

- New Items (Limited Time Offer):

  Common Pandora Pack: Contains Pandora's Box x3 and Hopestone x3

  Luxury Pandora Pack: Contains Pandora's Box x12 and Hopestone x12

- More exchanges in the Secret Shop:

  Apollo, Jeanne, Lu Bu, Diana, Poseidon, Electros


- Pandora's Box: During the event period, open Pandora's Boxes for permanent skins or skin essences. Skins you may get from Pandora's Box during the event: Mistress of Frost (Crystal), Android Warrior (Raven), Waspish Stinger (Diana), Immolation Avenger (Apollo); 

- Login Magic: During the event period, log in for the required total number of days to receive wonderful gifts; 

- Essence Essentials: During the event period, use skin essences to redeem for Hoepstones used to open Pandora's Box; 

- Skin Sharing: During the event period, receive and share Crystal's skin Mistress of Frost on Facebook or Twitter to get sweet rewards; 

- Recharge & Receive: During the event, recharge certain amounts of Tokens to get bountiful rewards; 


- Added events "Double Gold & XP" and "Crest Store"; 

- "Daily Packs" event has been changed to the "Daily Gifts" event; 

- "Valley of War", "Team Reward", "Battle for Gifts", "Altar of Strife", "Invite Friends" events have been removed; 

- In-game UI optimizations; 


- Fixed the issue where players' game avatar was inconsistent with their Facebook avatar.

The Heroes Evolved Operations Team