EVENTSFebruary 9th

It's Spring Festival!

This is a huge celebration in a large part of the world, as you’ve no doubt noticed by now. Even if you don’t observe it, you must admit the vibrant colors, high spirits, and grandiose displays of the Lunar New Year are a true sight to behold!

As such, we're bringing Spring festival to Heroes Evolved with a ton of new unique events and updates for you to jump into.

Nian Beast Invasion

Feb 11-27, 2018 from 14:00 to 16:00 and 19:00 to 24:00

12 Players

Join the fray as a select hero to enter the battlefield, and repel the Nian Beast invasion together!

Lunar New Year Map

We've updated the map to reflect the seasonal festivities! Check out the new jungle creatures, with their fancy new style. Can you spot all the changes to the map you know and love?

New Events - Spring Festival Packets & Valentine's Day Login Gifts

Collect Chinese Knots, and exchange them for Hero and Skin packets. Open them to receive a random Hero or Skin! You might get lucky and unlock something new (we are prioritizing items you don't already own!). Also, log in every day to rack up the daily login bonus for Valentine's Day - You could unlock a special nameplate!

New Skins

Lotus' long-anticipated legendary skin, Digital Love is online!

Spin Lucky Wheel with Tokens to win Beryl and use Beryl to redeem the skin. You can even get the Digital Love Frame by sharing the skin to Facebook or Twitter!

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, Wendy's limited skin New Year Bash is now available in the game! During the event period, challenge the Nian Beast to earn Nian Essences and use them to redeem Zodiac Gift Pack for a chance to get this exclusive new skin! You can also redeem New Year Bash from the Secret Shop.

New Pandora's Box Contents

There's also some really sweet Valentine's Day skins available in Pandora's Box starting on February 11th. Good Luck!

That's a lot of holiday content! Join us as we celebrate the new lunar year, and Heroes Evolved. See you on the battlefield, Hero!