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Major Tournament Announcement!

Tournament October 14th | By HE Team

Hello everyone! This may be one the most exciting blogs we have written so far. Since launching Beta we have been waiting until the time is right to launch our first tournament. We have been given the greenlight to let you know that our first, ever, eSports league will start on 28th October!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am so happy to announce the Heroes Evolved Championship.

The prize pool for the American finalist teams will be $60,000 USD; the winners will be flown, all expenses paid,  to China to compete in the world final against teams from other regions. With an even bigger prize up for grabs! The winners will also be crowned the Heroes Evolved Champion, a title not easily earned.


Sign up for the event will begin on the 19th October and ends the 31st October. The first round of matches will be the 28th October until November the 6th. The play-offs for the final four teams will be 11th-13th of November with the world final taking place in China, mid December.

Teams will need to be readily available for the finals and hold a Passport that allows them to travel to China. R2Games will help in Visa processing and handling.

For more information you can send us a message via our Facebook page here, or feel free to join the community on the forums here.

Good luck!