March 1st Update(iOS version)

UPDATESMarch 1st

Here is a rundown of the Patch Notes: 

- Reset Ranked Points for Season 1. Rewards will be sent within 7 days via Mail

- Launched New Season S2 for Ranked game mode, from March to May

- Added S1 Honor Packs in the Store, including 3 heroes with highest win rates of S1

- Added Jewel Packs in the Store to help you battle in Season 2

- Added new events for Season 2: collect Medals to redeem for great prizes

- Added new hero: MINOS on discount for 3 days

- Added Treasure Hunter feature in the Store, including rare items, heroes, and skins

- Added Heroes Abound event: complete missions to redeem great prizes

- Added Level Up Rewards in Guidance panel

- Improved Quick Start matchmaking on homepage

- Improved Facebook related interfaces: matchmaking with Facebook friends now earns bonus Gold

- Fixed known bugs, balanced heroes, and improved several strings

Heroes Evolved Operations Team