March 7th Update

UPDATESMarch 7th

Dear Players, 

Servers will be down for around 90 minutes of maintenance beginning 3:00 PM (UTC +8) on March 7th. The exact maintenance schedule is subject to change. 

Logins will be disabled during this time. Ongoing matches may be interrupted, so please avoid starting any matches right before maintenance. 

When the update finishes, all players will receive 300 Gold and 50 Gems as compensation. Please collect them in a timely manner. 

Here is a rundown of the Patch Notes:

 - New skin for Venom: Tesla Warrior, now with all new visuals and voice over. 


    I. Some female heroes can now be redeemed with points at the Secret Shop; 

    II. Freya, Pandora, Nightshade, and Jeanne now cost 4,000 Gold cheaper; 

    III. Up to 50% discount for a number of skins of female heroes. 


    I. [Reward update] Venom's Tesla Warrior, Arborus's Forest Ghost, Nightshade's Verdant Illusion, and Diana's Waspish Stinger. 

    II. [Enhanced rules] Opening a Pandora's Box now has a chance to provide 2 or even 3 Skin Essences. 

    III. Matched battles and consecutive game login achievements now have a chance to provide Pandora's Boxes and Hopestones for free. 

    IV.Skin Essence or Pandora's Box can be redeemed for Hopestones to re-open Pandora's Box. 

    V. Recharge to earn Hopestone rebates and other rewards. 

 - Share the required images on Facebook or Twitter to earn a reward of 77k Points + 77 Gems. 

 - Revised hyperlinks for “DRAGOS INVITATION” event and “DRAGOS ACTIVENESS REWARD” event. 

For more details, please check the events panel. 

The Heores Evolved Operations Team