May 17th Content Update


Hey Champions, we have a brand new content update for you!

Firstly, we’ve made some adjustments to the ranked match invite system. Players will now only be able to invite other players that are one rank above or below them. If you’re Gold, you can only match with Silver or Diamond. This should address the balance issues some of you may have been facing.

Secondly, we have new skins!

Flavia - Blazing Enchantress

Jeanne - Warrior Princess

Don either of these two wonderful new looks for a limited time discount of only 559.

And lastly, we have events!

Deadeye Chest

During the event, players can buy Deadeye Chests to have a chance to receive forever skins for Vince, Solus or Raven. Many other treasures are awaiting as well!

She Persisted

Share the new skin of Blazing Enchantress or Warrior Princess on Facebook, you will receive 30 gems and Lv.2 Jewel.

Goddesses of War

Using Lunaria, Jeanne, Flavia or Crystal to play games to receive gifts

Kill 5 people: Lv.1 random jewel

Kill 10 people: Gems package

See you all on the battlefields!