EVENTSNovember 2nd

Dear players,

Thanks to the efforts in the past two weeks of players from Asia, North America, and South America, Europe all 10 World Quests were completed!

Currently, the Bruce Lee solo contest is being prepared. Exact sign-up rules, contest content and rewards will be announced as soon as they are confirmed. With regards to the New Skin poll, Minerva was the most popular hero, so a legendary skin will soon be made for her. Stay tuned! With regards to the Special Offer poll, the top 4 skins with the most votes are: Futuristic Marksman (Solus), Electroblast (Rockman), Neon Wave (Freya), and Glorious Warlord (Cao Cao). The above 4 skins are already on hot sale with a 40% discount. Don't miss out!

During the World Quest event, players have earned great rewards, tried all heroes for free, learned about their backstories, bought popular skins and heroes at super low discounted prices, and voted on which hero they would like to see with an new legendary skin. The primary object of this event is to engage players from all over the world and unite them towards the same goal and to reap the rewards. Now the objective has been achieved.

This should be a proud moment for everyone. We feel honored to have a such an amazing group of players who have so much energy and passion. Thank you for your continued support. We promise to do our upmost to continue to offer you the very best gaming experience in the future. All the best of luck!

The Heroes Evolved Operations Team