Mother’s Day & Major Content Update


Welcome to another major content update for Heroes Evolved! We've got a ton of stuff for you here, so sit tight as we take you through the key points.

New Hero - Murdoch enters the action, mighty hammer & epic beard in tow. Shake up the scene, and the meta, with this brand new, punch-packing Hero. He even has a skin - Hoarfrost overlord… chills you right down to the bones doesn't it?

New Event - Wrath of the Mountain King.

Play matches using Murdoch, and soak up a bunch of damage to unlock rewards! You can earn special Jewels at 10k, 20k, and 30k damage taken.

Mother's Day - Recharge daily during this event to be showered with a slew of extra gifts such as gold, gems, and jewels.

We've also got a Flowers Event - Following each match, you will get the chance to receive Carnations and Mother’s Day Cards. Collect enough to be eligible for special gifts!

And finally, simply logging in on Mother's Day, March 14th, will bestow you with one Flower and 1 Day Hero Card for Flavia.

See you on the battlefield, Brave Heroes.