Network Issue Update

UPDATESJuly 14th

Dear players,

Over the past couple days, we've noticed that players have reported experiencing a lot of lag in-game, of game crashes, of not being able to enter the game. We would like to update you on what has been happening, and what we have been doing to solve the problem. The issues we are primarily trying to resolve have to do with network connectivity, which is a requirement for a good Heroes Evolved experience. There are actually two issues that we are fixing.

The first issue lasted from 3am to 6am (UTC + 8) this morning, when our servers were victims to a distributed-denial-of-service attack, affecting not just Heroes Evolved players, but players of other games published by R2 Games as well. As a result of this, players did not just experience bad lag, but were completely unable to even enter the game. The problem has now been resolved, and our IT department is working to put security measures in place to prevent these kinds of attacks in the future.

The second issue affected some players on the South East Asian and South American Servers, and is still under investigation. We take server lag issues very seriously, and the developers are working really hard to isolate and eliminate the problem. Since this is a connectivity issue, we are not just working with the developers to resolve this issue, but also with regional ISPs to find workable solutions. Finding the right solution in each region with different ISPs requires us to have detailed data on exactly why players are experiencing these issues. Players can help by sending us screencaps of their account name and the servers they are on when they experience this problem. This information will be used to help us determine what the root cause of the problem really is.

We know that good connectivity is a basic requirement for a good Heroes Evolved experience, and we are doing our best to fix the root of the problems, and to reduce its effects in the future. We would like to apologize to all players who have been affected by both the lag, and the DDoS attack. Please know that we are doing our utmost to prevent similar issues in the future. We will be sending out a small compensation package to thank you for your whole-hearted support, and to apologize for all the issues that you have been experiencing recently.

The Heroes Evolved Operation Team