New events and Skins for Guan Yu & Venom


Hey-ho Heroes!

We’ve got some exciting new stuff for you today, so sit back and join us as we lay it out for you.

Firstly, we’ve got a brand new set of skins for you! Meet Foul Poisoner Venom, and Hellfire Warrior Guan Yu. We’ve got a special sale on a Venom bundle - Pick up the Hero and this brand new skin for just 1199 tokens! 

Additionally, share either of the two skins to be granted awesome rewards, including Jewel cards of lvl 2 and 3!

We’ve also got some cool events for you!

Introducing: Warlord’s Trial

Between may 24th and 28th, join and complete matchmaking games to be granted Hellfire Warrior Shards. Collect enough of them to exchange for Guan yu’s epic new skin! You can also buy the shards in the shop if you desire.

Show Time!

During this event, play matchmaking games to randomly receive a Carnival Chest. These contain Gold, Gems, Jewels, Shards, and all sorts of other goodies. You can win up to 4 of these every day!

Celestial Jewel Bag

Buying one of these will grant you amazing jewels  Limited time only!

That’s all for this time folks, but be sure to check back regularly for all the latest news and information on Heroes Evolved!