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New Hero -- LOTUS has released today.

Heroes & Skins October 11th | By HE Team

Hey players, we have a new hero for you to sink your teeth into! The best thing about new heroes? You can develop strategies before anyone else can discover a counter move! Obtain Lotus and smash the other team before they can even figure out what to do!

Before we introduce her let’s remind you how to get more involved. If you want to make Heroes Evolved better, you can get in touch with us on our Facebook page here, or feel free to join the community on the forums here.

So let’s say hi to LOTUS! She’s just as likely to break your neck, as she is to turn it! Armed with a Pipa (pronounced Pee-Pah), an ancient Chinese instrument, she can heal herself and up to two heroes with the Spring Blossoms skill. She can also deal magical damage to 5 random enemies with Waltz of the Lark, granting extra movement speed to herself and two ally heroes, slowing an enemy with her next attack. Not to mention confusing an enemy with the Mystic Melody!


If you are facing her as an enemy you should be careful of her Ultimate skill. Her Phoenix Rising song can freeze all enemies in range, however, when she is attacked the stasis is debuffed; if you don’t stop her in 5 seconds, all frozen enemies are dealt magical damage! 

Make sure you make the most of this new hero before someone writes a guide countering LOTUS! See you on the battlefield!