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New Heroes hit the Arena!

Heroes & Skins October 26th | By HE Team

Hey Everyone!

We have two heroes joining the fight, SIR CEASE and GROM have come to conquer the arena! 


SIR CEASE is a lawful evil Hero, he maintains order through cold justice! He is great at challenging foes one on one, but may be no match for a ranged opponent. His skills can cause direct damage, or deliver a negative buff. He’s literally, a deadly character.  


GROM is possibly the cutest Hero we have. Just look at that smile! His incredibly high health, make him great for drawing attention. Allowing your team to cut down the competition. His strength lies in his skills! He can pull a single enemy towards himself and cause direct damage to several players!

Finally,for the first week we are offering 30% off, for a cool 560 gems each!

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