Nightshade is upon us!

UPDATESApril 19th

Heads up, Heroes!

As usual, we’ve got another update for you today! So sit tight and strap in, cause this one is a doozy. 

First up, we’ve got an exciting new Hero for you to! Introducing Nightshade!

This new addition to the roster is sure to shake up the status-quo on the battlefield.

We’ve also got some brand new skins for you to check out. Lowing Swain, Loving Maiden, and Wheelie Warrior are coming for Pyrrhus, Lotus, and Nezha respectively.

And finally, there’s a special Elven Quest! Play as either Nightshade or Aiden, and earn extra rewards for completing a match! That’s an extra 50 Gems and a Level 1 Jewel Card.

Experience all this great stuff for yourself right now, on Heroes Evolved for iOS/Android!

See you on the battlefield!