October 18th Update

UPDATESOctober 18th

Dear Players, 

Servers will be down for 3 hours of maintenance beginning 3:00 PM (UTC +8) on October 18th. The exact maintenance schedule is subject to change. 

Logins will be disabled during this time. Ongoing matches may be interrupted, so please avoid starting any matches right before maintenance. Please note that interrupted matches will not be recorded and players will not lose Integrity or Season Points.

Here is a rundown of the Patch Notes:

- Brand new and officially licensed hero Bruce Lee goes live. New skin, login screen and theme also released. 

- Work together with players across the servers to complete World Quests and reap awesome rewards. 


- Brand new 7v7 game mode online soon. 

- Players can now review detailed match records. 

- Added a Jewel recommendation feature to the Jewel and Glyph system. 

- Added 18 new Achievements to the Achievement System. 

- Players can now view changes in their Integrity from past 14 days by checking details in the Integrity panel. 

- Added two new gear: Detection Gem and True Sight Gem. 

- Added HETV, players can now watch games live. 

- Players can now search, view and share Replays. 

- Added an observer delay feature to custom lobby. Observers can now pause the ongoing match and save Replays. 

- Added a report function to the World Chat. 

- Players can now check their friends' last login time. 

- Added gender information to the Profile panel. 

- Added more VIP benefits (Check them out in VIP Benefits panel). 

- Added Weekly Devotion rankings to Clan Ranks. 


- New Hero: Bruce Lee (Collect all 3 Legend Marks to redeem Bruce Lee or buy the hero directly from the Store) 

- New skin: Legend of the Dragon 

- New Bundle: Bruce Lee Bundle 

- New Jewel Chest: Bruce Lee's Jewel Chest 

- New Frame: Exclusive Bruce Lee Frame (Exclusive from Bruce Lee [Kung Fu Contest] Rule the Ring) 

- New Nameplate: Kung Fu King (Exclusive Personal Activity Reward for World Quest) 

- New Skin: Minerva's Twilight Ranger (Newbie check-in reward and also available in Shard Store) 

- New Skin: Rockman's Giant Gorilla (Newbie check-in reward and also available in Shard Store) 

- New Item: Clan Name Change Card 


- Adjusted items in the Shard Store. 

- Adjusted newbie check-in rewards. 

- Optimized the size of ability icons in battle. 

- Clan Level rankings based on clan XP (from maximum to minimum). 

- Optimized UIs: main panel, ranked match, Facebook invite, comment, mail and newbie check-in Reward panels. 

- Optimized leveling up and battle result animation. 

- Adjusted game balance. 

- Removed check-in from Guidance. 


- Fixed various text alignment and text overflow issues with some languages. 

 For more info on Hero Balancing adjustments, click here.