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The last week of 2016!

In-game events December 28th | By HE Team


Happy Holidays to all of our wonderful supporters! We had an awesome Holiday weekend but now it’s back to the hard work of making sure Heroes Evolved is the best game it can be. The last week of 2016 deserves to go out with a bang, and that’s exactly what we are doing! 

If you play between the 31st of December and 1st of January you are in for a treat, with some New Year's Reso-Logins! With ALL Heroes unlocked for you and triple XP for every match it’s just another way we can say Thank You for your support through the year. If you complete a matchmade game on New Year’s Day, and you could win 1000 Gold as well as a 50% Discount Hero Card!

Until the 3rd of January we are slashing the Gem fee for Vince’s new Cracker New Year skin, to just 700 gems! Don’t forget to collect Love Coins too, these can be used in mini games where you can win even more awesome prizes. Play matches in Altar of Strife or Valley of War, and complete the quests to receive Love Coins. Quests are refreshed every day at 3am, local server time. Plugins and Cheaters will be penalized. 

That’s not all though, you can play pinball with Love Coins: wherever the ball lands, that’s the prize you win! You can also purchase New Year gift packs which contain a New Year Nameplate and 360 Love Coins for only 300 Gems. Playing Pinball you could win: a Lv. 2 Random Jewel Card; a Cracker New Year skin; a Name Change Card; a Late Check In Card; a 3 Day Bonnie Play Card; a 3 Day Angelus Play Card; A Double XP Card (for 10 Wins); a 3 Day Alfred Play Card; as well as a Treasure Chest Key. Phew, that is a lot of prizes!

There is also our Red Packet Pack-a-Punch event, that closes 23rd of January. During this event you will receive two New Year Red Packets every week - but can only open one every day. After opening 10 packets you’ll earn a Super Red Packet, and a chance to win a new Skin or Hero!  Don’t miss out on a free Red Packet - or just spend Gems to recover it!

New Year Red Packets may contain:

Heroes: Solus, Poseidon, Topsail or Magicka. 

Skins: Strawberry Loving (Lulu); Killer Bunny Girl (Elvira); Holy Crusader (Jeanne); Crimson Virtuoso (Pandora); Double Happy (Wendy)

Items: Lv. 3 Random Jewel Card; Lv. 2 Random Jewel Card; VIP Card (for 3 Days); Double Gold Card (for 10 Wins); Double XP Card (for 3 Days); Double XP Card (for 3 Days); Late Check In Card; Name Change Card; Treasure Chest Key.


Super Red Packets may contain

Heroes: Chou; Cao Cao; Crystal.

Skins: Eclipse Marauder (Raven); Rockstar Hoodlum (Grom); Father Christmas (King Tut.)

Items: Lv. 3 Random Jewel Card; Monthly VIP Card; Treasure Chest Key; Name Change Card.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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