EVENTSFebruary 9th

Happy Lunar New Year! On February 11th we will release brand new play mode – NIAN BEAST INVASION. This Lunar New Year, gather your friends to band together to take on a massive boss NIAN BEAST. Follow us and have a quick look!

Join the event during February 11-27, 2018, from 14:00-16:00 and from 19:00-24:00. Form 12-player teams using the specified Heroes(Pengwing only) and step onto the Nian Beast Invasion Battlefield and fight the legendary monster.


Claw Swipe: The Nian Beast charges up before pouncing on his enemies and swiping his paw, dealing magical damage.

Flick Lash: Flicking his mythical tail, the Nian Beast sweeps the enemies behind him, dealing devastating physical damage.

New Year's Cleave: The Nian Beast dives in one direction, dragging enemies to a target location and dealing physical damage.

Cometfall: The Nian Beast spews hot lava into the air, which fragments into 10 falling projectiles that deal magical damage.


1st Phase: Nian Beast with 80% - 100% Health

1) Many Crackerjacks will appear on the battlefield. Players can attack the Crackerjacks to deal massive damage to the Nian Beast.

2) While attacking Crackerjacks, players need to watch out for the wild flames, which will hurt them.

2nd Phase: Nian Beast with 60% - 80% Health

1) During this phase, the Nian Beast is invincible and players will not be able to damage him directly.

2) Fireworks appear on the battlefield and when players approach them, they will explode to deal damage to the Nian Beast.

3) Players need to watch out for flame columns on the battlefield, which will hurt players.

4) There will be unexpected wild flames around the Fireworks. These flames will also hurt players.

3rd Phase: Nian Beast with 40% - 60% Health

1) The gameplay of the third phase is similar to that of the first phase.

2) As soon as the Nian Beast's Health hits 40%, he will summon Gongy and Drumbo and then hide himself. The Nian Beast will not appear until players eliminate all of the Gongy and Drumbo.

4th Phase: Nian Beast with 0% - 40% Health

1) The Nian Beast releases a Coin Shower.

2) Players can collect the Lucky Coins to get buffs and deal bonus damage when attacking the Nian Beast.


1) Players are rewarded with Nian Essences based on the Nian Beast damage rankings.

2) Players will receive damage rewards based on their personal damage to the Nian Beast.

3) The player to deal the final blow to the Nian Beast will earn bonus rewards.

If the Nian Beast is not killed, players will not receive ranking rewards, but can still receive damage rewards.

Nian Essences can be used to redeem Zodiac Gift Pack.

Open the Zodiac Gift Pack to receive one of the following: Gold, Points, Jewels, or Wendy's limited New Year Bash skin!

Now let's go to Heroes Evolved and beat the Nian Beast for rewards!